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Health needs of children in care

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swizzlestix Wed 22-Nov-17 21:42:43

Hi I'm helping to deliver a session soon on this topic related to school aged children and young people in care. The carers have already had input around promoting good mental Heath, attachment issues etc.
Is there anything that you think would be essential to cover or any issues you have faced relating to the physical health of the children in your care. Would really welcome your input so we can make the session worthwhile . Thank you smile

SpottydogDomino Fri 24-Nov-17 11:28:59

Really hard to answer this without knowing what you already have to roll out to your session..

What s on your list and we can help with anything we feel is missing.

swizzlestix Sat 25-Nov-17 10:06:08

Thank you
Was going to cover why children in care have a separate health team, some of the most common health issues that we see. Role of our team, how we can support, explain about the health assessment process.
Dental, vision, hearing, sleep, diet, emotional health and services available locally ( there is a separate session on this though)
Enuresis, sexual health and services locally, keeping safe
Any glaring omissions. Was going to ask at the beginning if anyone has any specific needs they want to cover.
Any advice welcome smile

SpottydogDomino Mon 27-Nov-17 11:19:53

In my humble opinion, the majority of health issues directly relate to what the child has been through, their understanding of their situation and inner coping mechanisms, relationship with their birth family, and support from the foster family, as well as friendship network and school. It is unique for each child's experiences so needs a tailored approach.

Looked after children can develop health issues as a direct result of the above, i.e. bed wetting, night terrors, eating issues, self harm, OCD, lack of personal hygiene. These are less about health and more about having a coping strategy or outlet for unresolved trauma that brought the child into care.

Good luck. Any help is good help but you are looking at a BIG issue here that goes deep.

All children need dental care, eye care, vaccinations, treatment for general ills like flu, tummy bugs or verrucas etc (looked after or not) but the issues of looked after children are in addition and different to these and are linked to mental and emotional health.

That is just what I feel. No offence intended.

swizzlestix Tue 28-Nov-17 16:44:07

Thanks so much spottydog that is really helpful. I delivered the session this and incorporated your comments and another poster who messaged me directly. The carers all spoke about hygiene being a huge issue for the teenagers in particular and issues around food.
Thank you

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