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Social services records

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Woolwally Wed 08-Nov-17 15:13:36


I am sorry to ask this here, but I thought some of you might know about social services and wasn't sure where else to put it. I can get it moved if there is a better place.

When I was about 2yrs old my sibling and I had a social worker. My parents were separating, there was violence and mental health issues. For a while we saw my dad at a contact centre only, which I remember clearly. I remember the social worker and their name. I have at least 3 clear memories of them. I don't really know how social services got involved or what their role was. We were never removed from home.

Would any records still exist and if so could I see any about me and how would I go about this? It is not something I could talk with either parent about, but would like to understand a bit more about this time in my life.

mellismum Thu 09-Nov-17 09:31:27

Children that have been in care have the right to see their records I believe when they are 18 so I presume these records are kept long term. However as you were not actually taken into care Im not sure I would just write to the Local Authority with as much info as you can remember and ask them.

However please take care care you find upsetting things in records.

Woolwally Thu 09-Nov-17 17:37:03

Thank you, I really appreciate your reply. I guess that is what I am wondering. Why did someone in the early 80s think we needed a social worker (at a time when child protection seemed less prominent)? How did that even come about? Some of my clearest earliest memories are with the social worker.

I'm guessing the chances are that any records will have been lost or destroyed due to being so old, but will email the local authority and see what they say.

Woolwally Thu 09-Nov-17 17:39:39

There is a lot about my childhood that is pretty odd through the adult eyes of someone who is now a parent themselves. It's amazing really how children just accept as normal whatever their life actually is.

Sevendown Wed 22-Nov-17 05:59:25

You can ask for a ‘subject access request’ to see your files.

If you could only see your dad at a contact centre there must have been concerns that he could have harmed you eg he was charged with a violent or sexual offence.

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