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Calling all foster carers! [smile]

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lucyvictoria16 Fri 03-Nov-17 13:26:52

Please read through I know it's long.
I am training to become a qualified primary school teacher in which I am currently one in year 3 (7/8). On my course I have chosen to do some voluntary hours with a fostering agency and it has opened my eyes to the other side of the coin. We all care deeply for these children yet I personally believe there is a wall between foster carers and education.
I am very passionate in child protection and I don't want this lack of communication. After speaking with many foster carers there is apparent frustration and working with many colleagues you're not alone.
I have created a short survey (understanding you have a lot of paperwork as well) that will help not only myself but other trainee and qualified teachers to shed light on what is important. smile

If you're interested in filling out this survey please email:

I will send you the survey and you can send it back completed.

Thank you all for your time and effort it is all so appreciated

-Lucy x

user1471134011 Sat 04-Nov-17 11:16:30

Lucy you might get more responses if you set up a survey monkey for your questionnaire.

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