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Foresting questions

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Fosterquestions Thu 19-Oct-17 18:29:31

I have some fostering questions, I’m trying to think of a way to phrase them without giving out personal info.

A family we know have an unwell teenager, a specialist in the condition believes he has it as do other people involved in his care. His main doctor doesn’t though and wanted him admitted to a very unsuitable place, the specialist has stated it will cause him a lot of damage there and having known other children go there I fully believe this too. The doctor who doesn’t believe started child protection proceedings and its snowballed in a shocking way. There is talk of trying to remove him from his mums care and it’s going to court soon, worst case scienario is he goes into this awful hospital but it would be extremely hard on him to end up in foster care too.

My mum has considered offering to foster if he was to be placed in foster care. I know Social Services ask if there is a family member who can take a child, does this apply to family friends too?

Would he be allowed to return to his Mum as soon as he turns 16 despite having a disability (he is more than capable of expressing his wishes) or would it be indefinite?

He lives in a different part of the country, I know foster carers often have to attend meetings, would these be local to the foster carer or would they be expected to travel across the country? Would he be seen by local doctors or his old ones (who he no longer trusts). Our area nhs service is actually better at the condition.

Do all cases require constant meetings or are some cases more straight forward and require less?

What if they wanted a break/holiday at some point, would Social Services provide respite?

I’m also wondering if it would go against my Mum that I happen to have the same condition as the child. The condition which everyone except those who started and are pushing child protection can clearly see he has.

KTfostermam Mon 23-Oct-17 19:03:48

Hi there,

I'm trying to understand, if it looks like they are being forced into an unsuitable 'residential' placement that might be harmful to them- I would encourage your mum to contact the persons social worker and provide evidence for this - this evidence could be you, and you might be asked your opinion. I would urge you to speak your mind on this issue, as plenty of residential placements do not meet the needs of young disabled people. I'm a disabled person too, I know what these places are like. If you feel strongly about it, speak up.

I think you might be asking if your condition will impact upon the fostering assessment, which I can tell you that shared experience is the most important to make disabled people feel less isolated, and it can only be a beneficial thing that your family has relevant experience. So it all depends on your approach - if your mum is confident she can take on an extra person in the household then that will be explored further, but there are many reasons doctors dont diagnose, not always in the young persons best interest - sometimes at the insistence of families.

They would have to take her (your mum) seriously, and if you are known to the person, and would be willing, they will take this into account when looking at possible placements. Family or Friend. I think families are considered to be more secure, so they might research all other options before getting to you.

Sorry this is a bit all over the place!

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