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Mocking bird

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juggles6 Sat 07-Oct-17 14:24:53

Has anyone got any experience of this, we have been asked to consider this.The open evening isn't until the new year. So was just wondering how it works for you, we have 20 years of fostering.

sparklymarion Sat 07-Oct-17 22:46:24

I don't know what you mean sorry !

Tilly28 Sun 08-Oct-17 08:36:42

I had a google as I'd never heard of it! It sounds like a good idea as we have two little children of our own and a foster child and when we need help for meetings/babysitting etc it's a big ask to get family to have everyone. Having that hub support would be really helpful I think! The whole community idea sounds great! I'm sure it must be very difficult to organise though and would require everyone to be onboard with the idea. Keep us updated as to what you find out about it, it sounds interesting :-)

sparklymarion Sun 08-Oct-17 09:08:10

I have just googled this also and must admit as a foster carer think this would be an excellent thing to be involved in. It can be very isolating to be a carer especially a new one when you trying to look good and don't feel that you should ask for help or understand that all your emotions are quite normal.

I hate the word respite carer and as a carer who has mainly looked after teens who have absconded finding a regular respite carer has been challenging

I am luck to have a strong support network in other carers but at present one has three children so is not available to help and the other one has personal things going on so this kind of scheme would be welcomed.
It would also be nice to have more personal meeting with other carers.

I started this and still have birth children living at home and found that hard even now it is hard as
People seem not to understand the advantages all though obviously it has its challenges

juggles6 Sun 08-Oct-17 09:28:13

Thanks for your replies.Yes, it all seems good in theory, I was wondering if anyone has experience of it and how it actually works for them. It does sound an exciting venture. Just have to wait until January now

Mammytomany74 Sun 08-Oct-17 22:56:46

I have read about this on fostering network. It is such a good idea and Would allow foster carers who have little support to be able to have a network. There is a saying about it takes a village to raise a child or something like that. I wish my LA was willing to engage in some new initiatives.

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