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dogfishdave Mon 25-Sep-17 21:46:47

hi all
been a long term foster carer now for 14 years fostering for 20
now doing resbite got a revue in 7 weeks for long term again
had a girl in for 7 weeks who keeps running from other foster homes
she keeps running back to us we have asked to keep her she feels safe with us and told us she wants to stay she has said she loves our family
and just fits in as she does she is relaxed she talks with us haves a good cry and asking for help
we have asked to keep here and told not a chance by our link worker
can we go any higher than her with out up setting the cart
please give us some direction many thanks

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1haudyerwheesht Tue 26-Sep-17 21:31:34

Yes of course you can - write a letter/email to the fostering service manager.

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