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How long are your short term children waiting for long term placements?

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flyhigh Fri 05-May-17 20:58:23

Just that really........we have two boys that have been with us for a year and are now waiting LT placements. LA have no suitable carers available so the referral has gone out to agency. I'm just interested in how long children tend to wait. From our prospective we are fine plodding along but obviously the best thing for the boys is that they get settled into their new family with not a massive wait.

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Claram55 Sat 06-May-17 18:34:45

I think it depends on the needs
Of the children are. What area
You are in and the capacity of foster carers.
If these children need specialised fostering is it being looked into.
At times if you ate coping la with not rush to find a placement as they will prioritise placements that are at breaking point and emergency placements

Kitsandkids Mon 22-May-17 22:53:42

My kids came to me in June, went to court in February when it was decided they would go to long term care, but I was told in about April that it probably wouldn't be until about September that they would really start looking for a permanent family for them. In the meantime though a social worker came out and told them they wouldn't be staying with us, causing lots of emotional and behavioural problems. So we decided to keep them. But the official panel didn't take place until the following March. They've been with us for three years altogether now. I don't know if it's just my authority but it seems to take an unreasonably long time for permanent placements, and adoptions, to be sorted.

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