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Numpty930 Tue 18-Apr-17 17:56:17

I am currently going through the assessment process to become a foster carer with my partner. I have a few niggling thoughts about not being good enough and not being able to help the children overcoming their fears, if I cannot overcome mine. Am I going to be a good parent/carer? Can anyone relate to this fear?

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Claramarion Thu 20-Apr-17 08:14:14


As a foster carer who has worked
Over 5 years with several children, I would never class
Myself as experienced, every child that walks through my door has a different background issues and personality, and therefore as
Much as my training, which is vital, previous experience and life experiences I would never class
Myself as experienced. Experience has taught me
Though that we can help children but we also have to accept that there Are
Children who have issues that are beyond me helping but I can whilst here provide a loving stable and safe
Enviromental. I have learnt
This though through experience to accept what I can do and can't (and to push for help when I feel this is required) .
I hope this dosent sound negative as this probably would have been to me 7 years ago. I love fostering and wouldn't change my vocation but getting upset with myself or the children for things that are
Beyond my reach would be only
Negative to me and the child.

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