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Too soon? Advice please!

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Whitney930 Sat 15-Apr-17 11:17:39

My partner and I are going through our assessment and our panel date is the first week in June.
We have a lovely SW who has supported us and never pressured us in going through with fostering or this current issue.
We had our fortnightly meeting with her on Thursday, which she said she had thought about us today with a referral. She has a foster carer that has given notice as she cannot look after her placement and her grandchild, as she is quite elderly.
SW thought of us because she knows there isn't any problems with us becoming approved and we are young (23 & 25) and we don't have any children at the moment so we can give the child one on one. My partner also helps run swimming competitions around North Wales and the child would like to learn to swim.
The childs is the age range we'd prefer, in school and there isn't any sexual abuse in the past.
We are currently both working full time and we were going to start off with short term and weekends until we figured that it was the right time for me to come out to work and take on a long term placement.
I am really struggling with this decision as the SW said the current carer will wait until a plan has been put in place and she thinks we would do a fantastic job.
My heart is saying yes, as soon as we are approved we could take on a long term placement, but my head is saying with the school holidays coming up I won't be able to stay in my job and entertain a placement.
Can anyone relate to taking on a placement and working in the school holidays? How do working couples deal with their children being out of school?

imkeepingthisnamenow Sat 15-Apr-17 11:29:32

How old is the child? Is there any option of summer holiday clubs?

Whitney930 Sat 15-Apr-17 12:03:47

The child is 9 years old. The local leisure centre do a weekday 9am-3pm activities holidays for children who are out of school and their parents work.

imkeepingthisnamenow Sat 15-Apr-17 13:56:52

Is there any way you could alter your work hours during the holidays so that the child can go there? It is rare as a social worker where you can see a couple would be a great match for a child, often it's a case of need (as in the only ones available) rather than it being the best match iyswim? so you should be pleased with this! Maybe talk to your social worker about what support can be offered, the child should get some priority at clubs etc due to being LAC.

colourfull Mon 17-Apr-17 23:56:20

could the current carer have the child on day care during the holidays?
the child may be too much for her full time but daycare could be a good way to maintain attachments and help you out in the early months?

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