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Fostering allowance

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Jamescg Sun 26-Mar-17 22:12:44


I am after some advice please. My nephew lives with me and my mother his several disabled and autistic he can walk but not unguided and their is no speech or even understanding of wether walking in the road is bad or not my issue is..... she's only been getting careers allowance from the government she has no parental rights of the child and because his so disabled it's near impossible for her to get a job and she's also been told about this fostering allowance but it's been years and she is struggling with money and the general things you should be able to provide for a young one she was not told about any fostering allowance over 7 years ago . My real question is what can we do to get this allowance I know for sure it would help and impact my mother and nephews life tremendously. Can we appeal or what I do not know where to start and my mother has gone and given up it seems. Thanks in advance .

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