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Pen picture! Help?

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Ticketoutofloserville Mon 06-Mar-17 00:40:22

Trying to write our pen picture. I've done ds, who is very young so obviously has no input atm, so I've put in why we think he will benefit.

I've also done a draft of ours to a child but I'm struggling to 'sell' ourselves to another adult blush

I've got a list of the basic stuff we have to put in like our age, description, home, area, why we want to foster ect ect but I'm struggling as we can only write 300 words. Should I bullet point? What's the most important stuff I need to mention? I have been writing in paragraphs and I tend to ramble...

I need to see another example really but can't find any online.

Can anyone help please?

Garnethair Mon 06-Mar-17 17:41:40

What's a pen picture?

Cassimin Tue 07-Mar-17 08:11:45

In our day we just made a little booklet.
We put pictures on of our house and family and friends.
We do a little description under each picture .
We did pictures of our house and garden and the child's bedroom.
At the end we wrote a few passages about our family, clubs the children were in, things we enjoyed doing, holidays we had been on etc.
We then wrote a description of the area we lived in, parks, activities the child could do, schools and their ofsted ratings.
Hope this is a help and I'm on the right track as to what you're looking for.

Ticketoutofloserville Tue 07-Mar-17 16:32:48

A pen picture is a brief description of us and our lifestyle, why we want to foster.

Cassimin, thanks I'm just stuck on writting less than 300 words without missing something important.

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