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Fostering? or thinking of fostering? I need your feedback!

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Sarah2LG Wed 15-Feb-17 16:15:22

Just joined this forum and I was wondering if anyone had thoughts about fostering children??? I am in the process of setting up an independent fostering agency in Warwickshire, ( #focusfostercare) and wanted to get people's feedback on whether they had considered or are going through the process. If you are going through the process how have you found it? If you are already approved what do you really like about your agency or Local Authority? Look forward to hearing your views on anything fostering. I want to build an agency that listens to its foster carers and supports them, children and their families. Thanks Sarah

bexollie Wed 01-Mar-17 23:56:02

I am going through the process at the moment, and remember it called an agency they beat about the bush made a few excuses and told some stories and implied the age of child I wanted wouldn't clear up often and in the end I called the LA . They have been much better and I go to panel in may .They have been upfront about three whole thing. I must say though I do believe a lot of people only do it for money which is wrong.

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