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Has anyone had a baby while fostering? Maternity allowance query

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Kitsandkids Wed 15-Feb-17 11:57:44

So I'm currently pregnant. We have 2 long term foster children with us and this isn't an issue. The baby will just be their little brother or sister.

What I'm confused about though is if I'm entitled to any maternity pay? At my last midwife appointment she said that by the next one I should have my Mat B form from my employer. But I'm classed as self employed (foster with LA). Do I need a Mat B form? I'm not planning to ask for a break from fostering or anything. The children will still live here when the baby arrives just as they would if they were mine biologically. So if I don't have a break from fostering does that mean I don't get the statutory maternity allowance? It's fine if I don't but if I'm entitled to anything I thought I'd best check! Thanks.

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