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Biological Children of Fostering Parents Taking Drugs

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caverncrusader Thu 09-Feb-17 21:11:57

Hi, a person I know has both foster and biological children living with them. The biological child is a teenager and on rare occasions smokes cannabis with their friends. It is never done in the house and it is never done around the foster child. What is the general procedure that the social workers and the law follow in terms of an instance such as this? If they got caught by the police when they were out and about would that have any knock-on effect that might cause the foster child to be removed from the parents' care? I am not looking for responses that are from the perspective of a moral high-ground; I simply want to know what the law is surrounding that. Any directions to other source material would be great! Thank you.

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bexollie Fri 24-Feb-17 00:25:04

Common sense drugs are illegal and they shouldn't have them and the foster child shouldn't be being influenced by them so I think the social worker should know there is nothing more to say

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