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Serious concerns over the treatment of foster carers

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Fostercare Tue 29-Nov-16 17:43:47

There is a new page and group to support foster carers given the recently published Norfolk Review which confirms that foster carers were mistreated and children were wrongly removed.

Please like and share this new group to raise awareness.

No whistleblowing protection and no rights for foster carers

"This is serious for two reasons. First, there is, I believe, a serious injustice in how people have lost the ability to foster through the arbitrary behaviour of the council. Second, I believe that there has been a serious negative impact on looked after children.”

#Fostering #Fostercare #Fostercarers

elfish Thu 01-Dec-16 00:50:52

wow, just wow

i have liked the page but too scared to share it as my la would prob discipline me for doing so, they monitor and search all our fb profiles

Fostercare Fri 02-Dec-16 23:43:40

They also have a secret group

Fostercare Wed 07-Dec-16 02:34:14

W v Essex County Council [2000] 2 WLR 601 House of Lords

The claimants were foster parents for adolescent children and also had four children of their own aged 8-12. They had expressly told the council and social worker that they did not want a child who was known to be or suspected of being a sexual abuser. However, a 15 year old boy was placed with them. He had been cautioned by the police for a sexual offence and was under investigation for raping his sister. This information was known by the council and social worker but was not communicated to the claimants. The claimants allege that the boy committed serious sexual offences against their children as a consequence they and their children suffered psychiatric injury. They brought an action against the council claiming their negligence in placing the child with them against their wishes and without informing them of the boy’s background caused the psychiatric injuries suffered by them and their children. The defendants applied to have the claims struck out as giving rise to no duty of care. The trial judge struck out the parents claim but refused to strike out the claim in respect of the children. The Court of Appeal held no duty was owed since the parents were secondary victims and did not satisfy the criteria set out in Alcock v Chief Constable. The claimants appealed to the House of Lords.

Yukduck Wed 07-Dec-16 22:16:57

Am I right in thinking...
1. The foster carers said a definite "NO" to any child who was a risk of sexually abusing other children
2. The LA placed a child that was known to them to be a sexual abuser/rapist with this family
3. The foster child was 15yrs old and had raped his sister and was under investigation for a further sexual abuse offense
4. Knowing this the LA placed a child with a family of younger children (age range 12yrs to 8yrs)
5. The foster families' birth children were subjected to serious sexual assaults by the 15yr old foster child.

I just wanted to be sure what I was reading as it beggars belief.

I would also offer my deepest sympathy to the foster carers, and their birth children. The foster parents must be feeling bereft, hurt and devastated to be so let down by professionals.

I have sympathy also for the foster child. The 15 yr old certainly was not "looked after" being placed with younger vulnerable children, completely unaware to exercise safe care, he was set up to fail, an impossible situation for him too.

I am just gobsmacked that this makes no sense under any banner of Child Protection.

Fostercare Thu 08-Dec-16 01:08:50

That's absolutely outrageous Elfish

Fostercare Thu 08-Dec-16 01:30:41

Yukduk, this is why foster carers are asking for everyone to help and asking if people will write/email their MP's asking them to support this Early Day Motion

Fostercare Thu 08-Dec-16 01:33:40

Nineteen children's services workers have been suspended for offences including fraud and breach of trust.

Three were suspended for fraud, 10 for inappropriate conduct and behaviour, one for breach of trust and confidence, two for data protection breaches and three for conflict of interest.

#Fostercare #Fostering

Yukduck Thu 08-Dec-16 11:24:31

Shocking figures.

We..... us the public and taxpayers...... pay and train and give our social workers powers to PROTECT children. Whether they be fostered, or birth children of our carers, all are children.

There is no good outcome from this, not for the foster carers, their children or the fostered boy.

Shame on the social workers involved.

Fostercare Sun 11-Dec-16 03:09:59

There's lots more eye opening information on this Facebook page

It's pretty incredulous, shocking and deeply worrying

Fostercare Sun 11-Dec-16 03:15:01

Here's another
The family court in Portsmouth was told a social worker and manager altered an assessment to create a "wholly negative" picture of a couple who were trying to get their children back.

Judge Mark Horton said a worker had also lied under oath. Ms Walker Smart, who was subsequently promoted to team manager, "lied twice to me on oath", he said.

The original report had been withheld and the "parties to the alterations" tried to cover up its existence.

Fostercare Sun 11-Dec-16 03:23:27

When I watched the video of the foster carer breaking down, I could not help but choke up with emotion myself. The pain and agony this foster carer and the children have suffered. This one broke my heart and at the same time made me really angry.

bexollie Mon 12-Dec-16 16:47:01

I cannot understand for a minute why the social services would put a child sex offender with a family with children. There may be more to the story as surely they'd be aware that the children were at risk ,in fact any children are at risk and he should be monitored where ever he is

Fostercare Thu 05-Jan-17 00:31:33

The answer is simple bexollie. BAD PRACTICE

Fostercare Thu 19-Jan-17 12:16:05

Fostercare Thu 06-Jul-17 01:15:11

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