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fostering assessment

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8piecepuzzle Tue 01-Nov-16 18:59:30

Hi everyone

Found out today we have passed the inital foster assessment. We have been told the process is very invasive. Im concerned about orders or agencies involved n we make ends meet. What paperwork do they look for? Is it like a mortgage application and want X amount of months of statements? From all acounts?

Cassimin Tue 01-Nov-16 20:46:24

We had to show 3 years of bank statements.
I think it is just to make sure that you are coping financially and you only need one wage to cover all of your outgoings as one carer will need to be at home.
You need to be able to show that you can manage if you have long gaps between placements.
They appreciate that everyone has a few debts so as long as you are not in too deep it shouldn't be a problem.

EnglishIrishRose Thu 03-Nov-16 13:38:48

We only had to show a couple of months of bank statements, but had to detail our ingoings and outgoings quite carefully. All they want to know is that you can manage with or without a placement, as Cassimin says.

It will depend on your agency or local authority, what exactly they want - they do it slightly differently but all have to complete the same Form F, which is a very long and yes, invasive assessment - ours was over 70 pages!

Hopefully, your social worker will go through it all with you by building a good relationship and having lots of chats, and maybe asking you to complete some parts yourself or give your own words. They really do comb through your life but that wasn't a bad thing for us necessarily, just made us look at ourselves and find out our strengths and weaknesses. It's an interesting journey, good luck!

Flower20166 Sat 05-Nov-16 21:33:47

They only looked at a couple of months bank statements for me too,
Good luck!

bexollie Sat 12-Nov-16 23:36:10

Hi I'm going through an assessment at the moment for fostering with the local authority , I'm in stage one and the report is almost ready to go through to the authority to see if I can move to stage two.Can anyone tell me about stage two please ,at the moment I've done my finances,had a medical and done the DBS checks.I've had about six visits from the social worker and I've done a carer profile and am in the middle of the safety policy . My daughter has been interviewed and three friends up to now and she has three more to see .I feel we have done quite a lot and that it's going well. I've also done half a day training. I was advised to do some reading and I've also done a safeguarding course which I paid for and will give me a certificate .
I'm just curious to know what stage two will involve and how long it usually takes to get to panel I started my sessions with the SW on October 1

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