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Activities and clubs for SEN children

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motherchuckinhen16 Mon 17-Oct-16 19:43:58

I'm looking for ideas for after school and weekend clubs, activities or groups that would be suitable for my foster child. Somewhere where they could provide 1 to 1 support and is a safe environment for children with special educational needs behavioural difficulties etc. Do such clubs exist? Any advice welcome.
Thanks for reading

WyfOfBathe Mon 17-Oct-16 22:12:57

I don't know of any particular activities which provide 1:1, but there are organisations (such as Me2 Club in Berkshire) which will provide a 1:1 assistant for kids with SEN to attend a mainstream activity, e.g. swimming. Your local authority might be able to tell you about any equivalent organisations in your area, or if your FC goes to a special school they may be able to either arrange for an LSA to go or tell you about suitable services.

As a Guide leader, I would also recommend Guiding/Scouting but it really depends on the local unit how much support they can (or are willing to) provide, so talk to the leader before signing your FC up, or even better get in contact with the local district commissioner to see if they can find a suitable unit. Many Guide units allow children in care to go straight to the top of the waiting list as well.

elfish Mon 17-Oct-16 22:30:19

how old is your foster child, girl or boy? what kind of support would they need, what kind of special needs?

Cassimin Tue 18-Oct-16 19:51:59

We do swimming but needs to be a teacher who is able to understands your child's needs.
I joined a group for parents with children with asd and other neurological conditions, this group signposted me to lots of other places my child would enjoy.
I have just put his name down to join a Lego therapy group, expensive but I've had good reports.

badgerhead Thu 20-Oct-16 08:01:41

I don't know where you are based but in the Horsham/Crawley area in West Sussex there is The Springboard Project which is a charity that runs groups on Saturdays and in the school holidays for children with SEN, with volunteers helping some paid staff. There could well be similar organisations in your area.

fasparent Thu 20-Oct-16 11:15:27

Would check out local charity's schools clubs look for any who provide CAD's activities for disabled children . Think you may be surprised

motherchuckinhen16 Thu 03-Nov-16 18:47:22

Thanks everyone for replying. We are based in Suffolk and am still struggling to find anything though trying to get ideas from other foster carers in my support group who foster very challenging children. Transparent what are CADS activities?

bloodyteenagers Thu 03-Nov-16 19:02:12

Some SEN schools have after school/weekend/holiday clubs with full support. The amount of support varies and they will usually ensure that someone can be with the 1-2-1's. Some will let others attend that don't go to that school. For those it's a case of searching your SEN schools and look to see if they have an outreach department. If not contact the school and ask about clubs. If they don't they will probably know of who does.

Then places like Scope, Mencap, GetConnected, HOAC, All4Kids, Candoco dance, Whizzkids, Springboard (another post mentioned this, they do other areas) plus more than what I can think of at the moment all either do clubs or will know who does.

And of course, Social Service themselves should know what's available.

fasparent Sat 05-Nov-16 23:12:44

Motherchuckinhen , Google, Cads for disabled children , will give you an insight may be activity's in your area

Starlight2345 Sat 05-Nov-16 23:22:14

Have you looked up local offer online.. Our borough has details of groups on that website.

carolineh55 Tue 13-Dec-16 21:49:04

Hi, if you are near central London there are dance classes starting for children with communication difficulties, sessions are jointly run by SALT's and a dance teacher. I've signed my daughter up for January 2017! See @londondancetherapy on Facebook, they are part of London children practice!

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