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Fostering whilst childminding?

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Rosebuds9311 Tue 27-Sep-16 13:07:01

Hi I am a childminder. I work Mondays with 3 pre-school children, Tuesday's off, and then wednesday to friday I have an assistant and 6 children. I have a partner and 1 child that lives with us, and 1 that visits weekends.
Would I be able to continue childminding whilst fostering? Maybe if I took a few days off when child first comes into placement?
Would I need to downsize to school hours, just 3 children and no assistant?
Fostering is something I've been wanting to do for years, and I don't plan on starting a process for another few years but I'd like to have my life ready around fostering before i start the process
Thank you

badgerhead Tue 27-Sep-16 18:05:20

I understand it very much depends on your fostering agency whether you can still childmind or not. I understand that my LA will let you combine both, but you need to be aware that when fostering there are often lots of meetings, contact sessions with parents/family which occur during the day, plus sometimes if they are school age children they will go to a different school to your own children & you have the logistics of getting them to & fro, or they might not even be in school for a variety of reasons.
It is worth contacting your LA or local agencies & seeing what they say. I am a childminder & not a foster carer but have friends who are foster carers & have considered it in the past.

fasparent Tue 27-Sep-16 20:43:49

You seem too be well experienced in child care, perhaps you should look at area's of fostering, rather combined both , Rest Bite, Therapeutic foster care for disabled foster children, Foster short breaks for disabled children.
All I would think are in short supply.
Just ideas for you too dwell on.

Rosebuds9311 Tue 27-Sep-16 22:34:08

Thank you Fasparent, it is something I've wondered myself, I started my childcare with a view of being a stepping stone to fostering which has always been my main aim. But I've created a business, and I love that. I've got a good name for myself and have a waiting list. So I'm quite eager to keep it going. I also don't think fostering alone would bring in enough money as my business is profitable, and rent high, and I'm not prepared to bring the household income down (meaning my children's lifestyle, my daughters hobbies and clubs alone come to £100 per month!) for my need to want to foster.
I am, however, willing to make enough changes in the next couple of years to try and be able to combine both, for example dropping hours and ratios etc, I just need some ideas of what to change.
I may take level 3 in childcare, which may start me higher up the ladder in fostering and eventually I would like to be a specialist carer so Inwould be dropping business anyway, but I think that's going to be 8 years or so away.
I've spoken to my LA and am now just waiting for info and advice from them
Is there anything out there for people interested in fostering, who don't want to start the process just yet? If love to do as much training, meetings, build my knowledge in the next year before I start the process

fasparent Wed 28-Sep-16 13:47:40

There are many LA's now recruiting Therapeutic Foster parents.
They usually Provide training and Support. Payments are quite high as is the time and energy required for such vocations,
One child may have several support systems in place, ie: OT's Speech and Language, Many Hospital visits, reviews and list is endless.
You will have to know, how too use and access Statutory planning systems. some may have 3 children placed so would be quite busy.
Social workers are often not available for guidance as the main carer this will often fall in your lap.
Know of some have followed this path and have had considerable help and assistance from LA's too set up, also employ there own support workers. have adapted houses and have had LA's and community funded financial assistance

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