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FosterSword Thu 22-Sep-16 14:16:27

So I know when I leave employment and become a self-employed carer I am going to have to start my own pension. However, I have no idea where to go for this or what to look out for.

I know that a large number (if not all of you) will be in a similar position so is there anyone who can give me pointers and tips on this?

Alister84 Mon 31-Jul-17 17:48:22

I see by the overwhelming response to this topic that everyone is planning for their future!

I have been a foster care for two years and now only at the point where myself and my partner can start to consider my pension planning.

Did you manage to get anywhere with your own advice? I have a meeting with my accountant next month and pension question is on the list!

Mammytomany74 Mon 28-Aug-17 11:50:12

My husband and I have very minimal pensions. He has been paying £100 for the last 21 years and I was only on the company pension while I was employed and it is worthless.
We decided to save into ISAs for the 25 % deposit and then purchase properties to rent out in the hope that by the time we retire in 25 years we would have 3 or 4, mortgage free and that would be our income in retirement. we have one property at moment.
Not sure what other foster carers do but we are saving towards property 2 at moment. Not truly convinced this will work but if not we sell them and become a burden to our children

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