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What was your application experience?

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FosterSword Sun 28-Aug-16 15:46:44

Hi all.

So me and my OH are at the early stages of the application process with an agency (we have friends already with the agency, hence why we've gone this way). We are applying for Short Break and Short Term care with an aim to provide short break for a couple years (aka respite).

So far the process has been enlightening, and revealing of some stuff that has knocked us - in regards to our past. But like I say we are early on, so wondering what everyone elses application process was like?

dingdongdigeridoo Tue 30-Aug-16 11:57:28

Thought I'd say hi Fostersword as we are in the very early stages of applying ourselves! This forum has been so useful in finding out information and getting a more realistic picture of what it's like to foster. I wish you luck with your application. smile

FosterSword Tue 30-Aug-16 13:25:54

Thanks smile

I was on reddit for a while, but its mainly American and their system is very angry...... This is a breath of fresh air and it is great to see such a positive community.

Good luck with yours as well.

flamingnoravera Wed 31-Aug-16 22:56:48

The process is challenging and rigorous. Speaking as someone who was approved in May and took my first Fc three weeks ago I now know that it still will not cover all the stuff you will deal with in just a couple of days with a looked after child.

Go with the process, go with the flow, it's what you will need to do once a child comes to you. No matter how good you think you will be or how much you think you can offer, your first child will ask you to find depths you didn't know you had and then some.

Don't be daunted, it is worth it, you will need to draw on all your strengths if you finally welcome a child into your life.

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