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Private Fostering ....

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paperchase0verdone Mon 01-Aug-16 16:46:31

Don't know how much back story I can give but I'll try. FC dad didn't want child anymore. Mum passed years ago so FC came to stay with us. Straight away SS were involved and we went through all the hopes of making sure we were stable, no convictions. Usual. We already have 3 DC of our own, so FC just slotted in. FC is now 13 and hasn't had any contact with dad for over 7 months. Us & dad were on good terms until he terminated all contact with FC. Now no one talks (can't go into to much, very unique story and know dad's gf uses this site! Awkward!)
We asked SS about payments for FC. SS claim that because we are private we cannot ask for any money or any help (why they are still involved I don't know! They bring nothing to us except flying visits & a meeting every 6 weeks!)
We struggled when we first got FC as paying for clothes (came with nothing!) trainers etc all the essentials cost a lot! Plus new bed, bedding .....
Obviously I didn't look into being a Foster Carer/Parent as we were going to do a Court order for a next of kin (can't remember the name sorry!) FC is on a CIN with SS which they state is to be there for FC and stuff, but again only see FC every 6 weeks for all of an hour.
They say to not go to court for a proper residential order as it's best to just stay with them.
Can't get any payment of dad for FC (working full time job, earning a decent amount) and we do struggle as FC is a teen so prices go up.
I have no idea what we are doing, who has PR, what our path is from here etc. Help?

LaurieFairyCake Mon 01-Aug-16 16:55:26

He still has PR unless SS have applied for a care order

You mean you haven't applied for kinship care - that's the phrase your looking for

SS can of course give you money and approve you as a foster carer - they just don't want to as you're doing it for free

You can apply for allowances as a kinship carer - progress this. The fostering network will give you excellent advice and help.

flowers - you're doing a great thing

paperchase0verdone Mon 01-Aug-16 17:11:51

SS haven't applied for anything.
That's what I was looking for, Kinship care. But we couldn't apply for it as we are no relation to FC. We got FC on the Friday and by Monday SS were all over us like a rash. We filled in paper work etc, told them we wanted PR over FC but now it feels like FC is in limbo.
We live 500 miles away from dad, so if anything happened to FC what then?
We are just looking after FC in the eyes of SS. One SS told us we are saving them nearly £14000 a year because FC would have gone into care, so why can't they spare £100 a month for extras that FC need? Sorry for all the questions.
They say they cannot pay us because we are Private, you only get paid through Council foster Carer? Is that true?

LaurieFairyCake Mon 01-Aug-16 17:37:26

Yes, through SS or a foster care agency - you have to be approved though and go through their procedures

It can still be kinship care or special guardianship if you're not related.

SS can easily find the money - they won't until you complain, or ask to be approved to foster, or tell them to find this kid a home with an already approved foster carer. They're relying on you to be nice and want what's best for the kid.

You need to go through the procedures to complain. Asking for money to keep a child that isn't yours is fine.

I don't know very much about the legal side of this so I urge you to call the Fostering Network.

Inyournightdress Wed 03-Aug-16 23:29:58

Hi look into family and friends fostering. There was a court ruling recently that family and friends foster carers should be paid just like ordinary foster carers.

Lightbulbon Sat 13-Aug-16 19:44:26

Are you claiming child benefit and tax credits for fc?

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