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Joint carers

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willowrose30 Mon 01-Aug-16 11:40:35

Any couples out there that are joint foster carers so that it is classed as both your full time jobs. My partner was working full time but has recently been made redundant and is claiming job seekers. We are also entitled to housing benifit. We are considering him staying at home to help me. We have two children in placement, one of which has severe special needs and medical issues.
My question is would this affect any benifits? Are you "allowed" to have to full time carers? Would we be able to claim income support? It's all a bit confusing as we have only been claiming any benifits at all since he lost his job.
Any advise from people in the same situation would be greatly received.
Many thanks.

willitbe Thu 04-Aug-16 15:04:35

I can't answer your questions, but I know friends of mine who both work as fostercarers. They take the more challenging placements generally and so need both of them to do it. However, I don't think they claim any benefits such as income support or anything. They live totally off the fostering payments as far as I am aware. They have three placements most of the time, and do some child-minding in the house too. They have been fostering for over 20 years like this.

Hope someone can clarify the financial question for you.

drspouse Thu 04-Aug-16 15:18:33

I don't think fostering is classed as a job, it's not a wage.

I think you'd be classed as "available for work" as long as you were looking for a job etc.

Cassimin Thu 04-Aug-16 18:11:58

Not sure about income support but you can claim working tax credit and child tax credit for your birth children.
Think it will all be changing soon when the universal credit comes in.
You are classed as self employed but the tax allowance is high so not many carers pay tax.
You would have to check with your local authorities regarding your rent.

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