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Payment amounts

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callmedizzy Tue 19-Jul-16 10:54:35

I know it's not all about money but I have looked at my local area site and the weekly amount is terrible about £120 per week - baring in mind all the things you need to buy for a child weekly how do you all survive without having a 'job' (understand that fostering is a full time job) I am not being rude or dismissing what you guys do I am just trying to see how it can be viable I earn a min 1200 a month usually more but I would love to foster but the income drop would be crippling ? Is this amount the norm ? It seems very low for all the hard work, running around and love that is involved ? Am I missing something ?

Cassimin Tue 19-Jul-16 12:16:52

Not sure about LA pay structures, have read on here that they pay in tiers and as you attend training and gain experience you move up the tiers.
I am with an agency and we get just over £300 per week.
Out of this you have to provide savings, all clubs, general things that everyone needs.
We also need to provide transport to school (ours was once 64 miles per day). We also do supervised contact so we pay for day out with parents each month (this is our choice)
Before you even start fostering you need to invest money, gas checks, electrical tests. And various thing that get brought up on safety check.
I don't think I could not work and provide for my family( of which FC is a part) on £120 per week.

DillyDayDream8 Sun 24-Jul-16 20:38:53

Our La pays £420 p/w but that's the top tier and the total you get including the allowance.
I couldn't manage on any less really.

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