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Any advice for someone just starting enquiries?

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Higgyboo Thu 07-Jul-16 20:45:31

We live in lancashire and have three birth children,
I have been making enquiries with local authority and agencies, but haven't made any decisions yet.
My children are 18,13 and 2 so we were wanting to foster a child or sibling group (we only have one spare room) between the ages of my two youngest, which I think after my initial enquiries means I am better with local authority, if I do this I will still need to work (I only do three days!) so any advice on managing this too?
Any advice at all would be great thanks

Twopots Thu 07-Jul-16 21:19:44

I foster with LA and have 3 birth children, our LA say foster child has to be 2 years younger than your youngest. I don't work and admire how others manage to as with the number of meetings contact etc it would be hard work! Speak to your local LAs (you can foster for near LAS not just the one you live in) good luck

Higgyboo Thu 07-Jul-16 21:27:48

Two years younger? Haven't heard that, that would mean we couldn't foster then? As youngest is 2!!

Twopots Thu 07-Jul-16 21:43:33

You could do newborns, and then as your family grows you could foster older. Plus once you are qualified to foster rules are bent!!

BigBlueBookcase Thu 07-Jul-16 22:02:19

My birth child was 2 when I started the assessment and I'm approved for 5-11 year olds. So it's definitely worth asking around. Good luck.

Higgyboo Thu 07-Jul-16 22:04:25

Wouldn't be able to work and have newborns and I am health visitor so don't really want to give up fully. I only work three days. Was hoping for primary school age as my job can be flexible for drop offs pick ups etc and thought that age group would be most suitable to our family. I will make enquiries with neighbouring local authorities.

Higgyboo Thu 07-Jul-16 22:05:48

Ah thanks bigbluebookcase! That would be the ideal age group for us and wouldn't change the dynamics of our family.

user1466693515 Thu 07-Jul-16 23:05:07

I'm being assessed by capstone. I have 4 kids from 3 to 18 and I'm being recommend for any age. I would throughly recommend the agency as they realise that every child/ situation is different where as my LA recommend children must be younger than youngest birth child.

Higgyboo Fri 08-Jul-16 08:23:15

I spoke with canw who were lovely and basically send because I want to foster children between the ages of my two youngest so 2-12 that they thought I would be disappointed as the children they get are usually older than that. So advised to go with LA. and not in a dismissive way she was great just said she didn't agree with agencies putting people through the process and then not fulfilling their side of the agreement, it's such a big decision
I will have a look at capstone thanks

EnglishIrishRose Fri 08-Jul-16 09:12:28

Just to throw my tuppence in, IFA's only tend to get the childen which LAs can't place in-house, as the LA has to pay much more to 'buy' a placement from an agency. This means older children, large sib groups, some with SEN or difficult behaviours etc. Always ask any agency what kind of children they care for.

If you wanted children of specific primary school age then the LA could be your best option. Bear in mind as well that most agencies make profit out of foster care, that profit often goes to shareholders, directors and so on. That was a worry for us, but may not be for you, just make sure you have all the info first.

Ask how long someone in your situation might wait for a placement, too. And ask about whether you can work. Some agencies/LAs don't like you to work because a child who is school age will not necessarily be at school, and as another poster above has said, there are meetings and contact and transport to think of.

Good luck with your application! smile

Higgyboo Fri 08-Jul-16 11:46:21

Thank you, I have spoken to two agencies, one I wouldn't touch with a barge pole just from the conversation, didn't like woman's attitude. Lol. The other were brilliant and really informative and said similar, go with la for the younger children. And any agency that tells you they have lots of younger children is lying.
Frustratingly the reason I have had agency conversations first is that they answer the phone and return calls, I have left messages and emailed both local authorities near me and they don't ring back. Which is frustrating!
I think la will be the way to go and have been assured that foster cares can work in most situations. I only work three days, am five minutes from work and can change days of needed, I manage my own diary so have some leeway. I can't afford not to work so ideally primary school age was my thought. I usually take annual leave in half terms etc,

Sophiee1616 Fri 22-Jul-16 12:18:30

Hello, want some advice on fostering, me and my partner both 21years old expecting our first baby have been contacted by LA to discuss fostering our nephew.
Our nephew is over one and we have only seen him a handful of times.
His mum signed him over on the section 20 and his dad is in prison.
Wanted to some advice on the whole process, I'm worried it's too much for me and my partner as we will be new parents and not really got the space do you think this will go against us with the LA, do we even have a chance.
Any information/advice would be greatful
many thanks

EnglishIrishRose Fri 22-Jul-16 12:45:18

Sophiee1616 It might be best to start your own thread, you'll get more answers. Hope you get the help you need and good luck with everything!

All I know is that fostering a family member is different from applying to be a general foster carer, but someone on here should be able to tell you more specifics.

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