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adopting a foster child

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Seren0805 Mon 18-Apr-16 04:22:43

Hi, I have been reading Candycoco's question regarding adopting a baby. I currently have a mother and baby placement. The mother has been assessed to see if she is able to care for her child. She has failed the assessments and it has been recommended the baby is to be adopted. She is 6 months old and totally adorable. I have been informed the local authority may not approve of my adopting her for several reasons. Can anyone advise me on this? I just want the best for the little girl involved but would like to be considered for adoption.
thank you

Candycoco Mon 18-Apr-16 07:36:03

Hi Seren, I submitted my request in writing a couple of months ago to be assessed for my lo and I'm still waiting for the final decision as to whether the LA will assess me or not.
I have met with them a couple of times, there has been various delays for one reason or another, but mainly because we found out lo has some special needs and the LA wanted to wait until we had seen the peadiatrician until they made their final decision. I still want to proceed, and am hoping for a decision this week.
I have found them not to be particularly keen, but they have to look at whether I am the best match or not and now given that lo would be considered hard to place I am hoping they will decide in my favour.
My advice is if you really want to do it then talk to your SSW and put it in writing to the child's social worker.
You don't say what your circumstances are, but have you looked at whether you could continue to foster/work in the future etc? Am happy to answer any other questions if it is of any help! Good luck

princesspeppa Mon 18-Apr-16 19:45:21

I adopted my F baby. My LA & the adoption manager were very reluctant to assess me, although they couldn't really say no. Both my SW and child's SW supported me & felt it was in the best interest of the child. I had a terrible time, and was turned down as not being suitable!!! The excuses were pathetic, not to mention libelous! Once you have had the child in your care for 1 year, you can apply direct to court to adopt, so I ended up going down that route, and the Judge approved the adoption. It was the worst experience in my life, but so worth it in the end. Follow your heart, and dont be put off if you think its right for the child. Good luck

Candycoco Tue 19-Apr-16 07:43:22

Omg princesspeppa that sounds awful! I'm glad the judge ruled in your favour in the end though. My lo has been with me a year now so I did think to myself I would go down that route too if it came to it but it mustn't be nice to have to do that.

Can I ask did you have to pay your own legal fees to do it that way? Or were there any costs involved?

It's such an emotional roller coaster isn't it!

princesspeppa Thu 05-May-16 21:59:06

Yes I did have to pay my own legal fees, but my Solicitor charged me legal aid rates which kept the costs down. I was getting paid to foster the child anyway, so that paid for the legal fees. I think it was about £1,200.

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