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What/Who needs to be told we want to relocate?

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paperchase0verdone Mon 11-Apr-16 14:05:44

Going to cut this very long story as short as I can.
We took in our FC under strange circumstances Anyways, we are under SS as we are Private Fostering. FC is under a CIN case, SW comes every 6 weeks to talk to FC.
FC is growing more and more confident being here. Great child. No problems.
Our house isn't great (getting FC was a quick decision otherwise would have gone into care) we have mould issues and only in a 2 bed, but refused to let FC go into the system.
First lot of SW's said that they would over look it because we are actively saving and trying to move out. They also said they may be able to help house wise, but nothing else was mentioned.
New SW came round and said (infront of FC) that they wouldn't have passed us to have FC here as it wasn't suitable and we need to sort it out and move. easier said than done

Anyways, housing prices are booming where we are (3 bed around £800) and with no financial help for FC and paying out for all the things FC came with including underwear and school wear, we are pretty strapped for cash. I'm trying my hardest to get out and get a proper set up for all the kids.

We are now looking to move some where where rent isn't as high. For all of us to have a fresh start which everyone is on board with, except can SS stop us from going? We are happy to have new SW's involved where ever we go.
DH wants to get a Special Guardianship order out on our FC so she is safe with us but at the minimum cost of £245 and a 3 month notice to SS, it's going to take a while to save.
We already have 2 other children to pay for and money is getting tighter and tighter.
Council cant help us get a house nor can anyone else we have seeked advice from : Shelter, CAB & Environmental Health

Soapmaker34 Mon 11-Apr-16 14:16:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

paperchase0verdone Mon 11-Apr-16 14:34:04

Hi Soapmaker34
We had no idea about fostering when we agreed to do it. Well, we thought originally we would just get some kind of Kinship order or something, but school called SS and they pretty much told us we had to do a Private Foster in order to keep the child.
We were bundled with paperwork and meetings and phone calls all within the first 4 weeks, and now barley hear anything.
We questioned whether they could help financially as FC is a pre-teen, expenses were pushed to the brim (and well over!) as we had to , as I said above, buy everything - underwear, clothes, shoes, trainers, hair stuff, body washing etc etc. It does mount up after a while, and now being in High School it's building even higher.
This SS isn't as helpful as I thought they would be. They never return phone calls, only pop up 6 weeks for half hour to moan at us for not moving then that's it again.

paperchase0verdone Mon 11-Apr-16 14:36:14

Just to add, they said they only get X amount a year to help support kids in foster care and that we wouldn't be entitled to any financial help as they are stretched enough as it is. We said we would be happy if they helped us get into a larger property then didn't help after that.
They still said they couldn't do it.

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