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kinship process?

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rtgiv Sat 27-Feb-16 17:52:57


Not sure if this is the right section but seems the right place.

I am just looking for some advice on what else to expect from a kinship assessment as i just don't get anything from the SW's.

Some background; my sister had her children taken off her by SS, but were all placed with family and never entered any care home/foster care. They are not LAC, they are on the at risk register still but soon to be in need. The children were subject to violence by her ex-partner. My sister has since been diagnosed with MS and will never be able to care for herself and definitely not her children again.

I put myself forward to care for some children and passed the viability assessment, some of the children were then placed with me and have been with me now for 5 months. SW is still carrying out the detailed assessment on me but the SW has raised some concerns about me, the biggest one being my age (25) and that I am a single male with no children of my own. SW has basically said I'm too young and have no parenting skills. I am rather offended by those concerns but whatever, they want the best for the children and so do I, I will continue to work with them.

LA is now applying for an Intrim Care Order shortly with myself in the care plan with a view to care for the children permanently.

What should I be expecting? The concerns mentioned above are really worrying me as the children in my care currently are doing really well at school (age test scores +6months), starting to come out of their shell and generally seem a lot happier and content. They are even starting to disclose stuff to teachers. I would hate it if they had to be moved out of my care because of some stereotypical concerns about me and for the children to regress.

Can the LA just come in and remove the children from my care or would they need to apply for an EPO?

SW's are completely useless, In the 5months I have had the children I have had a few statutory visits which are meant to be every 2weeks (usually 3 or 4 weeks because the SW has a "broken" calendar) and went through some of my history, but am now being told my detailed assessment may not be approved!

Apparently they do not have finances to help with anything, including support for the children like counselling or play therapy. The excuse from the SW is 'they aren't LAC', completely unacceptable if you ask me.

Don't get me started on the financial support that I DON'T get to feed and cloth non-LAC children, I have only just been awarded child benefit, still waiting on a tax credits form, and expected to do over 400miles a month to attend social meetings etc. They must think I'm made of money smile

I just wish they would stop dragging their heels, do some actual work, put in the court papers to allow me to claim legal aid for a solicitor.

Thanks for any advice in advance

FarrowandBallAche Fri 04-Mar-16 15:37:29

Hello there OP.

Have you liked at the Family Rights Group website! FRG.
I would definitely recommend you post there. There are informed advisors who give excellent advice.

So sorry you've been let down by SS. You sound like you're doing an excellent job.

dreamerlemur Wed 09-Mar-16 23:56:53

would definitely pursue the financial side of this also as you are being fobbed off. Don't see why they are not LAC children? Sound like you are dedicated. Make your case for fair payment and FRG sounds a good idea.

rtgiv Fri 01-Apr-16 23:27:54

Thanks for the replies, I thought I would give an update.

The court ordered interim child arrangement orders so I now have PR and therefore a legal aid solicitor so I do now know what's happening.

I have totally given up with SS now, I think the children and I are better off without them because they are truely useless, SW has now changed again (3rd time in 6months). SS turned up at the first hearing of the care proceedings they initiated with no assessments.

Second hearing they failed to do any of the directions the court order stated (paternity tests, supervison plans and some others) and even failed to turn up at the hearing making any new directions impossible (They sent a trainee solicitor with no instructions) obviously the court was not impressed

It turns out I actually passed my assessments back in 2015, atleast that was the date SS signed the assessments they submitted to court hmm

I am worrying alot less now that I know where I stand and have been given some advice based on the actual case. I've been told that I am doing a great job just a few parenting issues mainly diet. If only SS would arrange for those parenting classes I asked for back in 2015... I'm not holding my breathe on that though.

Just amazes me how incompetent SS are being on this case.

Children aren't LAC because on paper it seems SS didn't do the correct paperwork and are saying the childrens mum made the arrangements to place the children where they are .... after my solicitor explained in detail the different routes that could be taken I'm ok with them not being LAC.

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