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Just curious.....where does all that anger and hurt go?

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Yukismydefaultposition Tue 16-Feb-16 13:15:12

Apart from a broken heart when they leave you ....

..... just curious. Has any foster carer ever sustained any injuries from a child they have been fostering?

No offense intended. Also, will understand if you don't want to share a lot of detail due to confidentiality. Children in care are very vulnerable and have suffered a lot of hurt and loss and there is precious little help other than the undoubted skills of the foster carers.

Coldwatebay Tue 16-Feb-16 19:06:42

I think it's the nature of the job.when our deal with children who have been through terrible times themselves they can lash out. Not all do by any measure but certainly over the years some have. I've had death threats left on my phone from a child who was removed from me to live with a long term carer. Never been physically hurt by a child but have had teenage boys who have moved on from me and got into trouble, one recently murdered another boy. Terribly sad.

Yukismydefaultposition Wed 17-Feb-16 10:19:46

Cold.... That is so sad.

There must be a lot of raw emotion, hurt, anger, fear, displaced loyalty or just plain despair coming from the child.

So much for a child to cope with.

I am saddened to hear on the news atm that mh services for children are just not there. Apparently, there has been up to a 10yr waiting list to see a mh specialist for some yp.

What a testimony to the skills of the foster carers that they create an environment that accepts the child. That must help.

elfish Wed 17-Feb-16 23:27:27

a lot of the children turn it in on themselves, self harm, low self esteem and destroying their possessions/environment are common

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