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routine operation for foster child - Consent?

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FannyFanakapan Mon 18-Jan-16 11:40:40

Anyone been through this? My foster child needs an operation (grommets) and is on an ICO, Very complex but basically SS have full PR now.

ANyone know what needs to happen with regards consent? DO I need the SW to come along on the morning of the op to sign papers, or is there something that they could complete in advance - I am very aware that SW is very very busy, so would like to be able to do this all in advance if possible.

ANyone with any experience?

Whattheydonttellyou Mon 18-Jan-16 14:04:58

I can only go back 10years! We used to foster but gave up many years ago.

We had a fc that needed a similar op (minor) under general anaesthetic in hospital. The SW said it was ok for me to attend with fc and sign the pr form for the operation. SS wrote ahead to the hospital to say that this would be the case and I would sign any consent forms. SS had full pr. Just as the op was due to be done, the hospital refused to administer the pre op meds or go ahead until SS faxed through the signed consent form signed by a senior manager and dated that day. This was done without fuss and the op went ahead and all was well.

Not sure if our experience will help you. But we did need a faxed current permission and a letter on headed paper done a few days before was not enough. But the professionals know what they need and will sort it out between them.

3PurpleCrocs Mon 18-Jan-16 14:05:09

Was a delegated authority form completed at your placement meeting? If so you should have medical consent to sign the form on the day yourself. If not, ask the SW to complete it now.

(It also gives you permission for loads of other things that used to take hours of chasing SWs for permission for e.g. haircuts, school trips, photos etc)

FannyFanakapan Mon 18-Jan-16 15:36:48

delegated authority covered emergency and general GP/medical appointments, but I dont think it covers operations and general anesthetic.

I will speak to SW again if I can get hold of them.

3PurpleCrocs Mon 18-Jan-16 16:09:22

Just checked mine. I don't know if they're all the same but the first few points under "health" all seem to give permission in this instance - first one covers anaesthetics, second covers routine procedures and third covers planned operations.

If your form is different then do you have a medical consent form? This was what we had pre delegated authority, to cover routine operations.

Uponastarr Mon 18-Jan-16 19:17:10

One of mine had grommets 2 years ago. Head of operations for fostering had to sign form and fax over. I got a copy on the day of the pre op (about a week before) and took it to the office

Eggsbutnobacon Thu 21-Jan-16 19:04:00

We also have delegated authority but this does not cover us giving permission for general anaesthetic. When our little one had a minor op recently his sw's manager had to come to the hospital when he had his pre op assessment and sign the paperwork then. A nuisance I know but there was no other way around it.

3PurpleCrocs Fri 22-Jan-16 12:10:39

Interesting. I thought the delegated authority permissions were a national thing but once again it seems every local authority have their own. Silly really.

JacobMalloy02 Thu 18-Feb-16 21:55:05

3PurpleCrocs is correct - all children should have DA signed as part of the placement planning process. This should be consent enough. Many LA's have different versions and we are finding SW's do not want to sign but have to go back to a manager for this. My only advice is to make sure consent is in place before the day as it can be stressful for all if it's not there and the op has to be postponed. Good luck!

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