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Social Workers

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Yourarejokingme Tue 15-Dec-15 12:33:28

Do you have a good relationship with them and how many passes through the door.

I am now at number 3 in 3 months and that isn't good for the children at all from a trust issue point of view. I have now discovered that this one is temporary for 3 months.

sumum Tue 15-Dec-15 17:36:53

my kids childcare worker is brilliant, had her for about five years but when she went off on mat leave for a year the kids had about five and they were all rubbish and some caused no end of grief trying to change care plans etc.

unfortunately she has just told me she is leaving, i am really worried about who we will get next.

supervising social workers we have had more than i can count in the last four years, prior to that we had the same one for 12 years and she was brill

it is a hard job and some are rubbish, the good ones burn out eventually.

what you are saying is not unusual unfortunately

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