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Is anyone else sick of kids' appointments during school hours?

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Kitsandkids Mon 07-Dec-15 10:11:37

When my boys came to me they'd missed months of school and the eldest had to be dragged off me and carried in by a teacher for the first few weeks of being with me. I was very keen to get them into a routine of going to school every day and not missing school unless they were ill.

But, 18 months later, we have had so many appointments that have all been in school hours. LAC medical reviews, hearing assessments, physiotherapy assessments, SALT apppointments and many more. And all are scheduled in school hours.

My children are 'different' from their school friends anyway in that they don't live with their parents. I don't want to make them more different by taking them out of school to all these appointments that most of the other kids don't have. If they asked me to arrange an appointment I would always arrange it for out of school hours (as I do with dentist and optician checkups) but I'm never asked, I just receive the letter with a date and time on.

Last week I did rebel and called up to cancel an appointment I'd received a letter for, and rearranged it for after school.

Is anyone else annoyed at being expected to make their foster children miss school for appointments?

Candleabras Mon 07-Dec-15 19:42:24

I think that initial appointments at point of placement were made during school hours, but now all appointments are after school. Mostly anyway. I did have a physio appt recently during school hours, but I rescheduled it for 8 30 so it had minimum impact.

It does grind on me actually, that these kids are supposed to be just normal kids, and the kids want to be normal, but the LA',s won't let them. Too many boxes to tick, and ,I's to dot.

I would rearrange the appointments for holidays or atfer school. Education is important too!

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