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Does this mean we won't get approved?

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M194 Wed 02-Sep-15 17:46:25

My partner and I are about 6 weeks along in the assessment process now. We have completed medicals, DBS checks, and 5/6 social worker visits.
We thought all was going well, until I received a call from our social worker this morning. She said the last few visits have raised a few concerns and that she has spoken to our IFA and scheduled a joint meeting with us and them for next week.
I'm really worried now and can't stop thinking and going over all the previous meetings in my head and everything I said, trying to work out where I might have gone wrong.

Has anyone else experienced this, or know of others that have? If we don't get approved, is there any other options for us? I would be devastated if this was just the end for us.

TeenAndTween Wed 02-Sep-15 22:01:26

You haven't 'gone wrong' if you have been honest.

It is possible they have mis-interpreted some things you have said.

You need to listen to their concerns and see if they are based on fact or mis-understanding. If factual you need to see if they are changeable things or they can be mitigated against.

However if you said you would smack children, or smoke around them, or you can't work with birth parents, then that might be difficult. Presumably you haven't said that though.

Best wishes. The country needs more foster carers.


M194 Thu 03-Sep-15 14:39:27

Thanks TeenandTween, hopefully that is the case then. We have been honest with all the questions and can't see any obvious reasons why there is a problem, so we are just going to try and not worry too much about it and see how next week goes.

itsjustjayne Thu 24-Sep-15 09:33:41

Hi....we are about 6 wks into the processg of being foster-carers....had a medical yesday...there are sooo many forms/meetgs etc to go throo....hope u ok.. :-)

willowrose30 Fri 25-Sep-15 07:36:12

Just wondering how you got on?
Hope everything turned out ok. smile

itsjustjayne Fri 25-Sep-15 07:59:26

Morng....I think we passed medical Dr couldn't believe how many stupid questions there was!!....we haf to do a family tree now + then after that write down all the jobs we've had!!....why?..wt does it matter... lol...confused

Cassimin Fri 25-Sep-15 11:43:13

They like to make sure that they can check that you have no gaps in your life that are unaccounted for.
It may seem silly but it is completely necessary to ensure the safety of the child. We have all heard historical horror stories of how children have been treated in the care system so they are simply doing their best to ensure no children need to go through anything like this again. If everything you tell them is true you have absolutely no need to worry.

itsjustjayne Fri 25-Sep-15 23:46:32


itsjustjayne Sat 26-Sep-15 11:25:59 did u get on with yr meetg?

Micholiver Mon 15-Feb-16 13:43:54

Hi my husband and I are going throught fostering process all our checks are back medical etc, had about 7 visits from social worker and in middle of training, just had a call fron social worker because 30 years ago my husband and I had a argument which resulted in me getting a black eye , we were 18 at the time I got him arrested but he was never charged ,he never ever done anything like that again we are now 49, we have been very honest from the start . Social worker is saying they want to take it to panel early, has anyone else been through anything like this . Feeling worried

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