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First Social Worker visit - what should I expect?

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BigBlueBookcase Sat 25-Jul-15 19:30:48

I've got a social worker coming round on Tuesday to see if I'm worthy of assessing to become a foster carer. What sort of things do they ask you on their first visit?

alwayhappytohelp Sat 25-Jul-15 20:06:02

Hi bigbluebookcase They usual check your details and information that you gave at initial inquiry. The bedroom/s available to foster children.
Have a look at this link below..
It should be similar to this.
Just be yourself and try and relax. Although, it may feel very intrusive. It not to catch you out. It just to make sure you understand the responsibility of being a foster carers.

BigBlueBookcase Sat 25-Jul-15 20:34:54

Brilliant. Thanks for that, alwayhappytohelp. smile

alwayhappytohelp Tue 28-Jul-15 13:46:07

Don't forget to lets us know how it went. It would be interesting to know if it matched to the information links.

BigBlueBookcase Wed 29-Jul-15 14:29:50

Hi alwayhappytohelp. It went well, thanks. smile

SW was here for about 90, first question straight in at the deep end with: what do you know about fostering? That led on to talking about what age of children I'd like to foster and that led onto lots of discussion about what age range and type of fostering might be best for my family as I have a very young birth son. That probably took up half the time. smile

Otherwise, fairly straight forward yes/no questions (pretty much what they'd asked me on the phone prior to arranging the SW visit), e.g. do you work, any health issues, would you be happy to do a medical/DBS check/talk to previous partners/etc.

Feels like it's going to be a massive, huge, long job interview! smile

alwayhappytohelp Wed 29-Jul-15 14:59:48

Hi glad all went well! I afraid its much longer than a long job interview. The assessment document has many pages. If you wanted to be proactive. You could look at some training courses. The agencies expect us to have our first aid course although they will pay for it. Some LA'S prefer first aid to be completed before being approved. Any child care courses will be well received by agencies and panel. There are plenty of fee courses on child care. Having a birth child obviously gives you experience. Agencies like to see training/experience of working with other peoples children. There are loads of volunteering positions. Schools take pre adoption individuals to demonstrative the willingness to work with other people children.

BigBlueBookcase Wed 29-Jul-15 15:12:34

Ooh, first aid is a good idea, thanks. I've done it before but not got an up to date certificate. I was a teacher in a previous life (before giving up work to stay at home with my boy) so I've got that bit covered at least. smile

Good tip re online courses...I'll see what I can find that might help. I also have a slowly growing pile of books. smile

BigBlueBookcase Wed 29-Jul-15 15:14:11

Speaking of books, the SW mentioned Cathy Glass. Has anyone read any of her books? Are they good/worth reading? I see they get very good reviews on Amazon.

alwayhappytohelp Wed 29-Jul-15 15:48:04

You should be able to get this at the library. It can be ordered by the library.
Future learn - caring for vulnerable children. loads of other courses.

Cassimin Wed 29-Jul-15 16:01:26

Inside I'm hurting / louise bomber
Is a good book
Real parents real children /holly van gulden is ok.
I have read a few cathy glass books, don't think they are real life. Probably a social workers idea of what fostering is like.

alwayhappytohelp Wed 29-Jul-15 16:16:18

That's interesting about Cathy Glass I have not read them. However have heard other foster carers comment the same.

BigBlueBookcase Wed 29-Jul-15 16:47:35

Ah, I thought the Cathy Glass ones were real life. I've ordered one, I'll let you know what I think. smile

Thanks for the other books/courses tips. Will look into them.

SW just called. She talked to her manager and all ok to proceed. Booked in for training course in October. smile

alwayhappytohelp Wed 29-Jul-15 18:03:22

The training will be skills to foster.
The Skills to Foster™ is an essential resource for anyone involved in preparing new applicants for the challenges of fostering. The third edition is mapped to The Training Support and Development Standards, and is UK relevant. It provides a more flexible resource that supports all foster carers taking on different types of placements, including family and friends foster carers.

FosteringMummy Thu 01-Oct-15 13:55:48

Hi Big Blue, glad to hear that your first visit went well!

Make sure to ask your agency if you have any questions during the process, I know I was stumped and they really helped me out.

It's been a while since this post was active but if you're still interested in reading up a bit about fostering, I love the Phase Three of Life blog (written by the Huffington Post Foster Care blogger). She writes some great stuff about her experiences!

Suddenly Mummy is also great, she chats a lot about her adoption and fostering journey. I read them all the time, and much prefer them to the books that are out as they're people's ongoing real life stories.

They often come across the same things I have questions about and answer them for me as they go along, so really recommend them!

BigBlueBookcase Thu 01-Oct-15 22:24:34

FosteringMummy, thanks so much for mentioning those blogs, just had a quick look, they look good.

I've just been allocated an assessing SW, she's visiting next week for the first time, then I have training the week after. Very excited. smile

itsjustjayne Sun 18-Oct-15 15:42:30

Hi....we are being processed...had our checks + went to our first training course last wk....soo much information...also going to our support group in Nov to meet other local fosters ( that's every 2months)... smile

BigBlueBookcase Mon 19-Oct-15 14:50:57

Ah Jayne, good luck! Had my training last week. Second SW visit tomorrow. smile Would be good to hear how things go for you...

itsjustjayne Mon 19-Oct-15 19:26:04

Hi. We had a few sw visits befr we went to training....she's coming again next wk as its every fortnight....had to do a family history ....where we've lived since age 18....also an eco plan thingy which is who is there to support u....gud luk+ keep posting lolgrin

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