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Thinking of fostering

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Noelval Mon 29-Jun-15 18:32:01

Hello please could any foster carers give advice my husband and i are special guardians for our two grandkids. We have had them since 2010. I am disabled but can still manage our two age 7 and 10. My husband is great with them. We live and breath for these kids and don't ever go anywhere without them. We have been thinking about fostering kids for years as we have a spare room. I am assuming that we would go through similar to what we did over the guardianship application. My main question is what is IFA? From reading on here seems to be better than LA but i really don't know anything other than i know we can provide kids with a loving home.

Twopots Tue 30-Jun-15 05:55:21

Hi a IFA is an independent or private fostering agency, you will be paid more but from what I have heard you may not get as many placements esp if you are thinking about little ones, if you are looking at the older ones then you should be fine smile

JacobMalloy02 Tue 30-Jun-15 16:39:13

Hi Noelval. This is well debated on this forum. Lots of people sharing their views about the differences - pros and cons. Have a look at this link:

My view would be to pick up the phone and talk to your LA and a number of private agencies and make your informed decision from there. Research their last Ofsted inspection and listen to word of mouth or other carers. Don't forget, if you are on a LA border, you may have several to choose from as well. Hope that Helps?

Noelval Tue 30-Jun-15 19:29:50

Thank you all, have contacted local council on their site so hopefully will get something in the post followed by a phone call. It's more about the children all being happy we are more concerned with than money so it will be la more than likely for us.

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