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Moving from LA to IFA

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dejectedsoul Sun 31-May-15 12:27:29

Does anyone know if it is easy/what the process is to move from fostering with LA to IFA? Unfortunately, my situation has become unworkable now due to the LA failing my adoption assessment on some ridiculous grounds, which now means I am applying direct to Court myself. Once this is all over, its unlikely they will want me to foster with them anyway, so I am looking into moving where I will be more appreciated, and hopefully receive more support which has been sadly lacking with the LA.

JacobMalloy02 Mon 08-Jun-15 16:34:01

Hi, Sorry to hear you have had problems. I hope the adoption goes OK.

If I assume that the adoption is granted and you have no other fostered children, you can simply resign as a foster carer. This runs off in 28 days.

You could then apply to an IFA of your choosing and be assessed and taken to panel and be approved as a foster carer again.

If however, you have a fostered child (apart from the one you are adopting), then most IFA's and LA's have a transfer protocol which is available via the Fostering Network. Essentially you give your intention to resign to the LA, the IFA does their assessment, you are presented to panel and then the change over happens.

I hope that helps

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