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refused adoption assessment

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dejectedsoul Thu 21-May-15 16:01:56

Any FC's on here recently refused as suitable to adopt their foster child, who went on and applied direct to court? Had my boy 2 years, SW's supportive but LA isn't. I'm getting legal advice, but wondered what the chances of succeeding are.

wonderpants Thu 21-May-15 18:45:19

We discussed it, but it was felt better than the LO was placed out of the area due to birth family, which we had to agree with!

Is there a placement order? Can you not go to court yourself for a sgo?

dejectedsoul Fri 22-May-15 08:08:16

The LA are seeking a PO which should go through soon. I don't want an SGO, as the birth parents can re-apply for custody if their circumstances change. Yes, I have a solicitor who is seeking the full facts before advising me. I cant get legal aid, so its going to cost quite a bit, so before I go down that route, which is the only route left, we need to evaluate what the chances of success are. There is no issue with birth family, they are happy to support me, but their wishes probably wont be taken into consideration. Its terrible what these kids have to go through.....

MarmiteChocolate Fri 22-May-15 18:50:48

You can make your own application to court directly, with or without social services agreement, if the child has been with you for over a year.

Social services will have to write a report setting out whether they support the adoption. Judge will make final decision.

If the LA aren't supporting your application, don't expect any ongoing financial support. There is no duty on them to pay you anything.

good luck x

Sparkles1966 Fri 29-May-15 21:02:21

I would be interested to know why the LA aren't supporting you? My experience is there is usually a good reason even if you don't agree with it, but legal advice will tell you what the outcome in court might be. You can make your own application, as I am sure you are aware, and often the LA will fund it even if they don't agree with you. Worth asking about a contribution to costs or at least checking with your solicitor. Make sure you have legal representation from someone on the The Children Panel unless you know they are just v.g. at family law anyway.

dejectedsoul Sun 31-May-15 12:36:44

Thanks for advice. My solicitor is experienced in family law, but I will ask about The Children Panel. The main objection is my age, but obviously they cant just discriminate on that, especially when they allowed my friends to adopt a toddler and they were older than me! During the assessment, they have tried their level best to come up with some other "reasons" which are bordering on the ridiculous. All I want is a fair and unbiased assessment, and am happy if the Court decides to allow a new assessment with someone independent of my LA, which they can do.

Sparkles1966 Sun 31-May-15 16:28:37

Having said LA usually have a good reason... they don't always. I can't go into details but have assess FC as adopters, who only came forward once rehab home wasn't an option, having worked with birth mum. That adoption team wanted to place little one with already approved adopters rather than wait to assess the FC who were the only family she had known. Twas bonkers. All went through beautifully and I went to the post order party. I discovered several adoption SW I would not have sitting on my sofa!

I think transparency is all in SW practice, everyone we work with should know why we are doubtful, cautious, worried etc. when we are. Families so they understand what changes to make and carers/adopters so they know what impact the issues we are raising have and why. However well you know your friend, you don't know what went into that very intrusive assessment process, age is an issue but it is a combination of factors which lead to a recommendation to approve or not. Write down all the ridiculous reasons and see what they add up to? I don't expect you to share with me obs.

dejectedsoul Sun 31-May-15 21:40:36

The ridiculous reasons are just that & don't add up. Hopefully my solicitor will shed some light on it when we meet, and as a professional advise me appropriately giving their unbiased opinion, which I will accept if I am in the wrong. It does seem, one rule for one, and one rule for another. Like you say, I do appreciate that its a difficult process and should be in the interests of the child, but not all SW's are as competent as others for sure. I know I have not had a fair and unbiased assessment, nor has it been the same as others in my prep group with whom I am in touch with. It was unexpectedly presented to me and the decision was already made & final and I was not given the chance to address any of their "issues", which cant be right.

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