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Foster carers standards workbook

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sus13 Wed 20-May-15 09:41:58

I am stuckon how to fill this in. Can anyone help? does anyone have a completed one I could look at? Thanks in advance!

FTGF Wed 08-Jul-15 15:18:10

Hope this helps.


Completing the workbook
* Bullet point - don't write paragraphs.
- I did a minimum 3 bullet points per question but expand if you wish. In some sections I wrote quite a bit but that was personal choice.
* Refer to training courses, books, emails to school, communication with 3C's, GP, Healthcare etc.
- Although you may have experience of some things, refer to the training or books.
- Remember if you are referring to a child only use initials.

Storing the Evidence
* Get a folder to store the documents
* Get clear pockets for the folder to store your evidence
- Put a number on each evidence piece
- Refer to the number when you complete the workbook
- You can use the same evidence more than once

* Emails to schools, your SSW, the child's SW, GP, 3C's etc.
- In any communication use a black marker over the childs name.
* Relevant books you have read - Receipts are good as evidence and a photocopy of the cover
* Your training course certificates - Copies as the whole thing will be given to your SSW.

Useful documents
* "Foster Care TSD Standards and Guidance"
* "Fostering Statement of Purpose 2013-14" from your LA Fostering website or SSW
* "Foster Carers Handbook 2012" from your LA Fostering website or SSW
* "National Minimum Standards - Fostering Services"

Example (Fictional):

Section 5.3 Transitions

Evidence 5 / 6 / 9 / 10 / 18 / 19
* Attended Life Story Work training (Date) - Evidence 10
* Attended Preparation for Independence training (Date) – Evidence 9
* Attended Transitions training (Date) – Evidence 5 / 6
* Requested pathway planning for ?? Meeting arranged for (Date). Reviewed at last LAC.
* Attachment, Trauma and Resilience book by Katie Cairns
* Building Resilience In Children Training – (Date)

5.5 Supporting educational potential

Evidence 17 / 25 / 28
* Regular attendance to school.
* Constant communication with the school regarding issues and to help support the teachers support ??.
* Attendance and active participation with PEP’s.
* Work with Virtual School.
* Work with Educational Psychologist.
* Assist with homework and exam study.
* Work to get additional one-on-one support.
* Attended parent’s evenings.
* Attended open evenings / days of colleges and assist with applications.

sus13 Fri 10-Jul-15 16:43:04

Thanks so much

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