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Guidance on fostering.. Housing/working ect.

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Ronron74 Wed 04-Feb-15 11:20:30

Hi newbie here!
I want in future to become a foster carer. I'm in the middle of re-building my life around my son and I want to make things so that hopefully by the time he's in nursery I can apply for fostering. If I'm in the right position.

I need to make my return to work soon (I wouldn't work if I was fostering)
The things I need sorted is a home as I am living at home with parents ATM money is tight and I'm a single parent. I'm on the housing register but also looking into private rent. My problem is my local authority won't let you foster without a spare bedroom. So has anyone moved to get an extra bedroom? Surely this is required a big financial outlay whilst waiting for approval paying for this extra room? And then what if your not approved.
I wouldn't be able to afford a 3 bed place even when i return to my current job. So iv hit a wall! I'm sure its a common one! Unless u have a spare room and decide one day to make use of it.
My main concern is moving from home going back to work and then a few months down the line feeling ready to apply and then having to up and move my son again (Also the cost of fees deposit ect again). Or getting housed by the council (you never know?!) and then after a short while applying for somewhere bigger.
If it takes me 10 years then so be it. But I need to get my head around how I'm going to get myself to the right place so I can work towards it.
Thankyou smile

Cassimin Wed 04-Feb-15 13:56:21

I think all agencies require you to have a spare room. I think LA aren't as strict but you may only be able to foster babies as I think they require your child to be 2 years older.
Also when you apply you need to pay out for electric and gas certificates and ensure your home is child friendly, this can all be quite expensive.
Also from reading various posts, experienced carers are often getting a long time between placements and new legislation means babies are going into foster to adopt placements.
Fostering is not a reliable income and when you go through assessment they need to see bank statements going back 3 years to show that you are not dependant on the fostering allowance.
If I were you I would look at it as a long term project and ensure that you and your little one are well settled as some of the children requiring care completely take over your life.

fasparent Wed 04-Feb-15 14:08:42

Would think you will have too be approved , too qualify for larger house. No reason why you can not proceed in the interim, and show your commitment and understanding. As you state you are in no hurry , just want too plan ahead. Ask LA for advice and guidance also if there are any
forthcoming Open evenings, and Pre Training courses available.

Twopots Wed 04-Feb-15 14:20:43

It has taken us two years to go through the process and we went to panel 3 months ago and still haven't heard that we have been accepted (panel have recommended we are accepted but we can't be until the minutes of panel are written up!) we are with the LA and couldn't start the process until our extension was built so we had an extra room (we are also wanting to foster babies) not trying to put you off just saying it can be a lengthy process and you may need to have a room ready before can even start.

Ronron74 Wed 04-Feb-15 22:56:18

(I hope this works! A iv struggled to find my own post). Yes iv been doing a lot of reading and looking into the future really! But it's good to know how other people got themselves to the right place. Iv had an insight as my mum is approved SG but had to be assed (as she had no children under a certain age) and as LA didn't have time to asses before court hearings they paid a fostering agency and she went through the process as a foster carer rather than SG.
My nephew at the time went to into foster care which is when I decided its something I want to do. He lived for months in hospital for a temp placement with a foster carer as no one would have him sad. I feel from living with a SG child and temp residential order of other sibling has given me an insight (although I'm sure there's alot more!) to the processes ect and also the behaviour of a neglected/traumatised child. To be honest I'm anti working with my LA I know they are more flexible but I have been a support for my family at this time and they have failed us. But that's a whole new post and from what iv learnt is what happens to most SG children as they are completely over looked. We are currently writting to our MP just to get SS to answer the phone! Thankyou for your insight stories. I won't be put off! I believe preparation is key for success in most things smile

Ronron74 Wed 04-Feb-15 23:01:19

All the best twopots with your new venture

JacobMalloy02 Fri 06-Feb-15 10:17:17

HI, As a manager of an agency, we would request applicants have a spare room to foster. At times we have been flexible with when this is required during the assessment. So we may start an assessment and if all is going well, half way through the applicant moves. However, as already stated, there is no guarantee of being approved or having a child, so you have to factor this into your finances.

Twopots Fri 06-Feb-15 12:56:21

Thanks Ronron we received our letter today that we are now officially foster carers yay!!

CateringCalamities Fri 06-Feb-15 15:55:54

Fantastic news grin

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