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PEP meetings – are they fit for purpose?

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Derrk Tue 25-Nov-14 09:32:48

Schools should carry out a needs assessments, usually these is based on teacher’s comments on his performance and measured against their predicted course results, the comments are invariably excessively positive. Predicted results can be flexed to ensure that targets are met. Emotional barriers to learning are rarely assessed.

This results in a PEP that is superficial.

With some dogged effort I managed to arrange a pre PEP meeting, shared my assessment of my child’s emotional barriers, the meeting was awkward at first, got a bit stormy, then we started to listen to each other, and developed some strategies. It was a good start but still is work in progress.

I am interested to hear of other carer’s experiences of PEP meetings.


Gymbob Sat 06-Dec-14 11:13:26

I find pep's a waste of time for my particular fc. She is doing brilliantly at school, and last time we'd only had the review the week before. it was a box ticking exercise nothing more

fasparent Sat 06-Dec-14 23:29:58

Would contact LA's Schools Virtual Head teacher who are in receipt of Pupil premium central government funding for all Looked after children think it's £1900 a year, this is too help schools with educational support, Even if children are exceptional at school, would consult with Virtual head regards PEP's. prior too any and independent reviewing SW if anyone has problems.
Virtual head is also required too publish, what cash is being used for as are all schools. Check your schools Webb site. can also apply for pupil premium plus now for Adopted Children,SGO's and Kinship carer's of children leaving care , even if has only been in care for one day is £1900pa. , as from may 2015 this is also being extended too Early Years (age 2) will be £300pa. See for Adoption details and FAQ's

fasparent Sun 07-Dec-14 13:57:22

Pupil premium+ can be used in conjunction with PEP's too help with support at school ask school head if LA virtual head has offered funding in this area for looked after children, can be used too support holidays, after school activity's, clubs, extra tuition, ,lap tops, tablets, learning app's and tool's , buy in OT, Teacher training, and lots more.
This only started As from April this year.

Derrk Mon 08-Dec-14 07:28:45

For 16+ the £1900 is paid directlly to the young person, wiithout any control on what the money is spent on,

Kidsneedadad Tue 13-Jan-15 20:04:55

PEPS with our LA are a very hit and miss affair, last two I attended had no suitable representative from the school , turned into a farce.
Our new virtual head told us he does not distribute the £1900 to schools but only the first £1000 the rest is means tested, sure that must be illegal, certainly immoral.

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