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QCF level 3 Health and social care. Children and Young People

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kittymonkeymummy Fri 04-Apr-14 22:41:14

Has anyone done this? I'm thinking of starting it later this year.. Any thoughts?

wonderpants Sat 05-Apr-14 13:19:55

I don't know what this one is. I have completed the Open University course K218 which was at one time, in conjunction with the fostering network. It is hard going, but on reflection I learned a lot about working with children and their care.

scarlet5tyger Sat 05-Apr-14 13:35:37

Is it the replacement for the NVQ?

kittymonkeymummy Sat 05-Apr-14 13:44:25

I guess so, I looked up NVQ vs QCF and it looks like they've updated NVQ and changed the name..

fasparent Sun 06-Apr-14 09:58:08

Did this with LA, for fostering but has now been replaced with diploma, it was simple as did it after completing standards so everything was fresh in mind only took 3 months too complete. Think changes is due too obtaining NVQ 3 then progressing too employment outside of fostering and leaving fostering, New diploma would think is more in line with fostering issues.

Parsnipcake Wed 16-Apr-14 20:49:36

It is very easy. A box ticking exercise rather than useful learning. You basically have to copy out a textbook.

kittymonkeymummy Fri 18-Apr-14 14:26:30

Thanks all! smile

Lucyccfc Tue 29-Apr-14 20:24:22

QCF stands for qualification credit framework and it is the framework that qualifications now sit on. There are awards, certificates and diploma's. The QCF hasn't replaced NVQ's, the awards, certificates and diploma's have.

Imagine the QCF being a like a library and the books are the different qualifications.

NVQ's have now been renamed as Diploma's, very similar to O levels changing to GCSE's.

The Diploma's are still vocational qualifications and you will be observed and assessed on the job for the qualification. If you are given a workbook at level 3 and just told to work though it, I would seriously question the training organisation or college, as this is. to the way it should be done.

There is very little funding out there know for just doing the Diploma, so you might find yourself doing Apprenticeship qualifications. This is not to be confused with what youngsters do.

You would do a number of different qualifications - Diploma (vocational on the job qualification), Technical certificate (knowledge based qualification like BTEC) and then maths and English, which is called functional skills.

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