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warwickshire/coventry or birmingham

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mattsmadmum Wed 12-Feb-14 13:24:26

hi does anyone have any experience of any of thesela? been told warkwickshire dont have a lot of support.Is there an ostead type group i can check?
Asking for a relative but can you foster if on antidepressants?

Munkymoo Wed 12-Feb-14 14:23:04

I foster for Coventry and have found them very supportive so far. With regards to anti-depressants, I have used them in the past but during my assessment had to demonstrate that it was not a recurring long term issue, ie I only needed them when my dad died as a one off. they like you to have stopped using them for a while and to be able to prove you are stable etc. You have a medical also and my doctor had to write what their opinion on the matter was and if they deemed me suitable. Luckily they did but it was something I worried about for the whole 6 months of my assessment. X

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