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I'm considering fostering babies. Could someone advise me please.

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mummyloveslucy Fri 24-Jan-14 19:16:46

Hi, My DH works for social services in the children's sector. I currently work in a home for young adults with learning disabilities and autism. We have one gorgeous 9 year old daughter with severe learning difficulties. She is obviously at school full time.
We wanted her to have a sibling so badly, but it seems, after 7 years of trying, that that's not going to happen. My daughter is extremely family minded and loves routine. She doesn't like us making a fuss of other children, and doesn't like children touching her toys. So much so, that we don't have play dates at our house and she recently refused to take a toy to school, when it was allowed as a Christmas treat. I'm aware that I'm not painting a good picture here, but apart from those things, she is an absolute darling. She is very loving, caring and polite and is possibly the most popular child in her class. She just has real issues with jealousy and not wanting anything to change. She basically wants her dad and I all to herself.
We would both love to foster babies, as we both just love babies and would like to think that we're giving them a really great start in life.
I'm wondering if it'd do our daughter good too, or if she'd ever forgive us! confused She has made it blatantly clear that she doesn't want a sibling, or for me to look after babies at home, even though she loves babies! hmm
Could some one tell me a bit about what's involved in fostering babies and weather or not you think it'd be a good idea with my daughter too.
Thank you. smile

fasparent Mon 27-Jan-14 23:29:59

Think the answer is do not be put off explore all area's of fostering you do work with children and young adults with mental health problems, there is also the area of short break provision's, similar too rest bite care , there is a shortage of affordable short care for the disabled. Sure you can use your expertise in many area's.
Our ds age 11 has cp and autism was much the same as your dd but is now OK with everything , inclusion has help him no end he is very confident and helpful with every new addition so we are in a win win situation , We do have time for every one at 1st it was hectic but as time by you do get better organised.

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