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Going to panel

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Joanna522 Sun 22-Dec-13 13:12:50

Well done Akasha! It's an amazing feeling when you hear the "we are pleased to accept you in our team" smile

Just for anyone else who may be reading this thread - the panel asks why do you want to foster and why now - I think most of people get this one. Also why not adoption instead.
We were also asked what would happen if I get pregnant, about taking children to visit my own family (they live far), what the children would feel like when they come to live with us, what we'd do if children are being bullied - who I'd work with (remembering about confidentiality). I am giving up my job to foster full time, my DP will stay in full time employment, they asked how involved my DP would be with children, also if we are happy to take on training. They asked about our particular character traits - and how they would fit with foster children, also how we would deal with mess and chaos.
As long as you and your partner/husband and family had a proper chat before and you carefully considered all pros and cons of fostering for yourselves and family, I think you shouldn't worry about the meeting. They don't want to ask questions which would make you fail, they just want to see how you react with your other half and also to see if you have prepared yourselves for the role (mentally and emotionally), if you'd thought of it all, so if you had, you'll be absolutely fine smile
Be yourselves and relax, it's good to show passion and emotions smile
Also don't be afraid to take a moment to think before you answer, it's not a quiz, sometimes it's hard to put in words what you think smile

Good luck everyone, it's all worth it! smile

IrnBruTheNoo Sun 13-Oct-13 10:41:30

Congratulations, that's fantastic news! smile

We've just attended the Information Evening this week, and now going in the Enquiry stage...the more I hear, the more I like about fostering.

DwellsUndertheSink Thu 10-Oct-13 19:43:50

:D Well done you!

Roshbegosh Thu 10-Oct-13 10:32:16

Well done Akasha join the club. Hope you get a child placed with you soon smile

Akasha09 Thu 10-Oct-13 10:15:26

We did it, we're officially recommended!!! They asked loads more questions than I thought and we had to wait an agonising 40 minutes for them to decide, but we did it yay!

SorrelForbes Wed 09-Oct-13 07:00:06

Good luck. We were approved in August and tbh then panel was really quite painless. The waiting to go in was the most nerve racking part!

Roshbegosh Wed 09-Oct-13 06:54:51

Good luck. They are just ordinary people asking a few questions and you would not have got this far if you weren't likely to hear a yes.

ContraryMary1 Tue 08-Oct-13 10:44:42

It can be such a long process eventually getting to panel its natural to feel nervous. I think its because we all put so much into the process of becoming foster parents. Its a long ride emotionally and panel day is when it all comes together.

Good luck, I'm sure celebrations will be in order for tomorrow night.

Akasha09 Tue 08-Oct-13 09:51:51

Thanks everyone. I'm sure we'll be fine, I guess it's natural to be nervous. I'm physically disabled, and although that has been gone over with a fine tooth comb in our form F, my abilities, limitations etc, plus I don't have as much experience with kids as hubby, I'm just concerned they throw me a curve ball question that I can't answer immediately and I look like an incompetent idiot. I'm usually confident and self assured in interviews, but as we all know this has far more resting on it than just a job!!!

DwellsUndertheSink Mon 07-Oct-13 20:02:31

In our panel, I just kept telling myself that they needed us more than we needed them, and that they were motivated to get us through the process.

ContraryMary1 Mon 07-Oct-13 17:34:30

I went to panel in June and was so nervous I felt physically ill. To be honest it wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think being told beforehand that there would be around 14 people in the room made matters worse. It was ok though once I sat down and was introduced to everyone I felt more relaxed, everyone was lovely and welcoming.

They generally asked the questions you expect like why do you want to foster?, questions relating to your support network and so on. I had rehersed answers for these so felt quite confident answering.

Good luck on Wednesday, let us know how you get on.

Akasha09 Mon 07-Oct-13 12:57:29

Hi everyone. So, after almost 7 months of assessment, we go before panel on Wednesday, I don't mind telling you, I'm terrified! I'm so scared they'll ask me a question I can't answer and look totally incompetent. Hubby says he isn't nervous at all.

Was just wondering if anyone had any advice? Our SW has prepared us well, but it's always nice to hear first hand stories / examples. Thanks xx

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