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Social workers

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maya03 Mon 07-Oct-13 10:34:00

We had our meeting with CAMHS and the social worker of the children we were being placed with, our social worker was off sick. Unfortunately they came to tell us about a behaviour one of the children displayed that we had from the beginning said we couldn't accept. This was the end of Sept this placement started in June and they had only just found out about this behaviour so we are back to square one, waiting for a suitable placement (long term). What was really annoying is the lack of communication between ourselves and the LA. I phoned our social workers manager, as she was off sick, to let them know we couldn't continue with the placement. That was a Monday morning, the following Monday afternoon after not hearing any more I phoned our social worker but there was no answer so I contacted the manager again. We wanted to know what was happening and what the process was if a placement broke down so close to being finalised, he told me not to worry as we were back in the system as waiting for a placement. That was two weeks ago & we still haven't had a phone call from anyone, we are appalled by the lack of compassion for the carers we had a date for meeting these children so were only a couple of weeks away from them moving in after four months of meetings. It's as though the general thought is ' they're just the carers they'll be ok'. We have even looked at changing to a private agency but we would have to start the process all over again. Sorry that's my rant over with.

Roshbegosh Tue 08-Oct-13 06:37:03

I think you need to find support with the carers group meetings or in your own support network. Some SWs do try to be supportive and IME you can be lucky with your SW or they can be worse than useless but generally speaking you can't really expect their resources to be directed at our needs. That's why they ask about this stuff during the initial assessment process. I agree a phone call is not a lot to ask though. We are just not the priority.

coffeewineandchocolate Tue 08-Oct-13 06:50:35

You need to give 28 days notice in writing

coffeewineandchocolate Tue 08-Oct-13 06:51:25

*of your intention to end the placement

Inthechelseahotel Tue 08-Oct-13 22:08:33

coffee I think the placement hasn't started yet, at least that is my understanding. I think also it is not uncommon to feel unsupported and frustrated.

maya03 Wed 09-Oct-13 13:06:42

I actually got a phone call this morning with a sort of apology for not getting in touch. Yes I do believe feeling unsupported is just something that comes with the territory many other carers we've spoke to seem of the same opinion think we've got to learn to be a bit more patient with the powers that be. We understand they are short staffed and overworked but all we wanted was a two minute phone call.

musickeepsmesane Wed 09-Oct-13 13:17:42

You cannot underestimate the importance of the support of other carers. SWs are too busy to worry about carers. If you land lucky IME they burn out from overwork and leave from stress and fatigue.

coffeewineandchocolate Wed 09-Oct-13 14:42:37

Ah sorry- misread!

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