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CWDC - what does the certificate look like?

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NotmylastRolo Sat 31-Aug-13 09:05:36

Hi All - We completed our CWDC! Yay! The certificate we received was such a disappointment. It was on a piece of coloured A4 card and the words "(our joint names) have completed the CWDC" were typed by our LA and signed by the department manager. There was absolutely nothing on the certificate that I could not have cobbled together myself on my pc!

We expected a proper certificate, certainly not a joint one as this (I believed maybe naively?!) was a "proper" qualification. I certainly put loads of hard work into it and felt it was the equivalent of at least a GCSE (but maybe that is just me struggling to be academic!). There was nothing to say how well we "passed", what grade, etc. It just said we had "completed" the CWDC. We certainly did complete it but for all I know we may have failed to make satisfactory grade with it! There is simply nothing other than "completed" on the piece of (rubbish) paper we received. I expected something from the CWDC itself.

What did others get upon completion?

scarlet5tyger Sat 31-Aug-13 09:15:20

Hi Notmylastrolo, think yourself lucky you got card - mine was on copier paper! To make matters worse, as almost every foster carer in the borough had to rush them through at the last minute they weren't even signed by a manager, just by our support workers!!

I hadn't thought much about it until I read your post (we didn't get the certificates until almost 12 months after we finished the workbooks, by which time I'd blanked out the experience forgotten about it) but think I might frame the shoddy thing and display it at my annual review in October!!

NotmylastRolo Sat 31-Aug-13 14:32:26

Oh dear, you did worse than us Scarlet!

After all the hard work we put in we expected something sparkly from the CWDC itself. What we got was cobbled together by the LA. We only received it after we chased for it.

More LA cuts I suppose!

Roshbegosh Sun 01-Sep-13 11:47:01

Don't think we got one at all. Too traumatised to ask about it now, bloody waste of time.

Machakos Mon 02-Sep-13 20:07:05

Pretty sure we never got anything either.

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