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foster families and babysitters, advice needed.

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DerbyshireNanny Wed 31-Jul-13 18:12:27

I could really do some advice from you lovely people.
I work as a nanny and babysitter, and babysit for a lot of families near me. A while ago I was approached by a foster family and asked to babysit. They sent my details to the foster agency who they are with.
The foster agency have been really awkward though.
I am trained, qualified, experienced, crb checked, first aid trained, safeguarding training aswell as other training.

They first said that they needed a new CRB check to use me, so that was done Aswell as LEA checks. They have then decided, even though all my checks are clean, that foster families on there books can not 'out source' babysitters, and that the family are not allowed to use myself or any other babysitter, the other reason they gave the family was because the children dont know me, the children are around 7 and 11, they have met me a couple of times and was really happy.

The families with this agency are not happy and wont to move agency as everything is being made hard for them.
I am trying to find info on the internet to send to the agency to try and make a case, does anyone know where I can look, got any experience on this etc

Sorry its long but would really appreciate some help Thanks

Panadbois Thu 01-Aug-13 09:07:33

Hi, I am a FC for a LA and I use the babysitter I used for my own two. My babysitter already had four current CRB's for the LA, as she works in a school and also does some home help and support work. But they paid for another as it was for another department.

Then my supporting social worker came to meet her and she was approved. We even get 3 hours paid babysitting a month now grin

My LA are now also looking to recruit ('scuse the sp) peripatetic FC, who can offer FCs respite in their own homes so to lessen disruption to kids. Which, btw, my babysitter is seriously considering.

DerbyshireNanny Thu 01-Aug-13 12:21:48

I dont understand why such a fuss is being kicked up by this agency, they have done all there checks and im all clear but have decided that i still cant be used as babysitters outside the foster agency cant be used even though they dont have any

kiddiwinkles Mon 05-Aug-13 14:18:19

Our agency says yes use babysitters, as long as you trust them, but the SS say we are not to use anyone the child does not already know, I am therefore not allowed respite of any sort!

Wetwood656 Thu 08-Aug-13 21:40:00

Our LA sound so reasonable compared to all yours. We are now told it is entirely the fc decision who to use and as long as we are happy that's ok because it is our responsibility if it goes wrong. I don't have to have babysitters checked in any way. I like it this way.

fasparent Fri 16-Aug-13 03:02:59

Interesting , Turn about, our Foster children now in college baby sit for many a family and sleep over occasionally, also do work placements in
SEN Schools. Children need too live in the real world inclusion is a must for all, how ell's will they learn.

maya03 Wed 08-Jan-14 14:31:38

Our SSW has recently told us that if a looked after child wants to go on a sleepover that is quite ok as long as we as the carers feel comfortable with the person in charge at the place they are staying, yet we have been told that anyone babysitting in our home needs a crb. We can't understand this as more often than not anyone we would have babysitting would be family & friends, it seems ridiculous to us that if the child is out of the house over night we only have to " feel comfortable" with the person yet people we have known all our lives need to be checked.

floatyjosmum Wed 08-Jan-14 16:31:09

Your main support and back up carers have to be checked out but babysitters don't. The theory is you are approved and therefore able to make responsible and appropriate decisions.

fostermonkey Wed 08-Jan-14 16:34:48

What floatyjo says - FC are supposed to be able to make responsible and appropriate decision - and we have delegated authority. Our LA assumes we make these responsible decisions but runs CRBs on who we choose.

EirikurNoromaour Tue 14-Jan-14 20:59:13

Fostering regs state that carers can decide whether children can have sleepovers etc and CRBs are not necessary. The same principle should apply to babysitters really. Anything else is so stigmatising.

Mumfortoddler Sun 09-Feb-14 23:13:05


I am a single mummy and I was wondering whether there were single mummies out there fostering? My BS is nearly 5.

I also wondered, my son was on at risk register when he was a baby because of his dad. I left him when my DS was eight months old and we haven't seen him for 18 months now, limited email contact. The father was abusive and violent to me but I left extremely quickly when it began as I have worked in D.V. and knew where it could lead to. I have worked with children for over a decade and currently manage a youth homeless charity, so used to working with children who are upset, volatile or challenging in various ways. I guess I wondered if the experience of being D.V. victim might affect my chances of fostering? I am keen not to discuss at length with L.A. just yet as I work very closely with social services in my current guise, guess I wouldn't apply if I think I couldn't get passed.

I would love to foster and have wanted to foster my whole life! Absolutely love children and could think of nothing better then a house full, so could take siblings but am working through all the options and collecting information at the moment.

Also am concerned about impact on DS, but we have talked this through tentatively and he's excited, I think we have much more to think about before we foster but I would like us to work towards it over the next year!

Any advice would be appreciated.

NanaNina Mon 10-Feb-14 16:33:22

I think you should approach your LA and register your interest. I don't see how the past can go against you, since you moved away from the violent partner to keep your son safe. Single carers are quite common these days, so no worries there.

You sound like you have a lot of experience with children but I would urge that you don't view fostering through "rose coloured spectacles" (it was your comment about wanting to fill your house with children) that raised slight alarm bells! There is a great deal more to fostering than caring for the children, and of course as you know children removed from parents are definitely going to be troubled and probably troublesome! Working with children is different from having a child 24/7 and then there is the issue of contact with the birth parents and 101 other things. I'm not trying to put you off - just injecting a little realism.
I am a retired sw/tm mgr of a Fostering & Adoption team and retired in 2004, so have approx. 30 years experience in children's services.

I do know that LA social workers are all totally overwhelmed with work and morale is very low due to the fact that this govt is demanding huge cuts in their budgets, well budgets of all public services really. I think it is absolutely imperative that you are honest with the LA about your past. I also think it isn't wise to talk to your son at this stage as children tend to think something is going to happen tomorrow and you say he is excited, but that may not be the reality!

I wonder why you are posting on this thread might get more replies if you started your own thread.

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