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School holiday respite fostering?

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RainbowsFriend Tue 28-May-13 22:31:11

This is something I've wanted to do for years. So it's a long term goal really grin

Anyway - is it feasible as a teacher to offer respite fostering? I have one young DD and another on the way, so probably not for a couple of years - but it will affect what house we buy on our next move as I want to buy a 4 bed so we have a room free to do this.

DP says it's a fine ambition, but seeing how knackered I am (as most teachers are) every holiday, it's probably not realistic. I'm no spring chicken either, but do have plenty of experience with teenagers through work.

Does anyone have any experiences they are willing to share?

fasparent Tue 28-May-13 23:44:35

Hi my daughter is a teacher though still new too the profession. She has done fostering training not ready for it yet though. During the school holidays she works with special needs children on a one too one basis for the LA., in their own homes or taking them out and accompanying them as a carer on rest bite or adventure holidays. She also does the occasional weekend in an emergency if required (being qualified in child care) She wants too foster eventually. Your LA will advise you best and will be able too tell you if they have any courses available , think you should apply though you will be able too complete training do your standards and post training which would take over 12 months too complete before you decide on timing of placement.

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