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Anyone with rugrats ?

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happydaze22 Tue 21-May-13 23:51:01

Just wondering how you advocate for the the weenies and toddlers. We care for both and have found that because they dont yet speak its assumed they wont be affected by any decision made. It makes me soooooooo angry.]

musickeepsmesane Wed 22-May-13 22:33:12

oh, its not just the rugrats that that assumption is made for. I usually find that particular assumption is made for ease of paperwork and to help keep consciences clear. Makes me very angry too.
I have found that making clear, short statements in a fairly quiet tone works. The other thing that works pisses me off is that if my DH argues on the kids behalf, he is more listened to! He doesn't even stay at home, just cos he is 'the quiet type'. I use it shamelessly tho wink

happydaze22 Thu 23-May-13 18:00:42

Our poor little mite leaves us again tomorrow, the second time in 5 weeks because of a judge.CG and solicitor who have no thoughts whatsoever about the potential damage they are causing this child. We're all he has known for his whole life. Hes too young to talk about how hes hurting and they ignore our view because we're just the bloody foster carers. Sooooo angry and dissalusioned with them all.

musickeepsmesane Thu 23-May-13 18:05:36

when it gets to court etc - no one can second guess the outcome. I have sat round a table and the feeling of helplessness when you can see where things are going is just horrible. I have seen SW almost on their knees trying to get the best done for the child only for some uninformed twat to do the opposite of the recommendations. I think anyone making these decisions needs to have been a foster carer for at leas 5 placements. Then again, I think everyone needs to foster for a while to get perspective. I feel for you sad

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