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Age limit?

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myroomisatip Mon 11-Mar-13 14:43:43

I would love to foster but I am worried that at almost 59, I will be considered too old?

Is there an age limit?

lovesmileandlaugh Mon 11-Mar-13 15:00:30

Our LA said most of their carers are aged 50-70 if that helps?

myroomisatip Mon 11-Mar-13 15:05:17

Oh that is brilliant. Thanks for letting me know.

I have not made any applications or anything yet as I am about to move house so I will wait until I am moved in and then apply.

I noticed the advert from 'By The Bridge' and thought I would start there, but would welcome any advice or suggestions.

fasparent Mon 11-Mar-13 15:15:46

WOULD Seek advice from LA 1st , there is a wide range of services in fostercare, ie Restbite, Mother and Baby, Baby's, Aftercare, Teenagers, Disability, Emergency care, Etc . They would be best placed too advise you sure you would be considerd , We are in our 60's. LA would cover all areas where as Private sector's may not. Has too be best suited too yourself's/Self
Good luck

myroomisatip Mon 11-Mar-13 15:22:31

Thank you. I will do as you suggest.

It is worth waiting until I move isn't it? I realise they will want to inspect my home. I am wondering how long it takes before I get to that point. If it is a couple of months I may as well start now.

lovesmileandlaugh Mon 11-Mar-13 15:32:37

I don't think a phone call would hurt. We got invited to an open evening to go find out a lot more as our 1st contact!

myroomisatip Mon 11-Mar-13 15:48:10

Right! I wont wait then smile

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

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