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thinking of fostering

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safclass Sun 17-Feb-13 15:18:20

Hi my husband and i are thinking of going into fostering (We have 1 grown up son who lives away but sometimes comes to visit). Through work we have both been in contact with cared for children and realise that we could offer a very stable homelife.
One of my main concerns is what happens if it doesnt work out? The thought of a child staying with us, only to have to be found a new foster family, really worries me in how that will affect the child, ie another family abandoning them.
Also what happens if allegations are made - we have heard some scary tales from some other foster parents - all of which have turned out ok 'in the end'.
Would really like some feed back from foster carers.
Thanks x

musickeepsmesane Tue 19-Feb-13 21:35:47

great you are thinking of fostering. I think you may be jumping ahead a bit tho smile. have you looked at the different types of fostering? Maybe practice a bit with respite (taking kids for short spell while their carers take a break) and then have a look at permanence? There is a lot to be learned whilst going through assessment and then with your first placement. There are a lot of stories about allegations. You will be taught safer caring when being assessed. It is true that many carers are on the wrong end of these allegations and a thick skin will be needed! However, rather than looking at that side (which you do need to be practical about) what about the stable homelife? That is a wonderful thing to be able to offer any child. Start from there. Speak to a social worker, decide whether you would prefer to work for the Local Authority or whether you would prefer an independent agency. Good luck.

safclass Fri 22-Feb-13 00:01:31

Thanks 'Music'. We have looked into the different types of fostering through LA . Its something that we've been thinking about for some time now and we're confident we can provide the positive/stable home. So the positive aspects we're 'ok' with, just had thoughts about the possible negative side, ofcourse realise that through discussions/training many of our thoughts will be explained/sorted.
Actually decided today that we are going to go for it and will be contacting the LA either tomorrow or Monday - excited we've finally made a decision.
Thanks again smile

Sarahjess Tue 09-Apr-13 19:31:37

Wow safclass, we had exactly the same thoughts. So we dipped our toes in to test the water, we liked all the research that we carried out, made a few calls and have decided to throw ourselves in at the deep end smile. Had our first home assessment yesterday, all going really well, application being processed. After long talks and more reading and Internet information we have decided to place our selves into the young end of the scale, ie newborn. Look forward to following your news smile. Good luck xx

fasparent Tue 09-Apr-13 21:27:20

Welcome too the club safclass we lookafter baby's now after 37 years fostering, we are asked too take older children now and then but we stick too our guns now, your LA will provide you with all the training and you will learn a lot with experience as you progress.
Good luck

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